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    Warboss Orkamungus is da biggest and baddest Ork in his clan. He launches an Ork WAAGH on the Planet Tartarus to give da boyz a good fight.

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    The Orks only respect strength. They'll follow the biggest and strongest Ork in any group. To the outsider, it may seem like a recipe for anarchy. However, the Ork hierarchy is developed and implemented quite quickly. When a fully functioning band of Orks lays waste to a planet, no one can argue against the Orks capabilities.
    Orkamungus is the biggest Ork there is in his clan, so he's the Warboss. Orkamungus is in charge of finding opponents for da boyz to fight, and he's got his eyes on the Imperium's finest, the Space Marines.


    Orkamungus Quotes:

    • "Dem humies iz in for a good stompin'! Dis is gonna be da best fight o' dere miserable lives!"
    • "Bah! We'll keep 'em more than busy! We'll keep dem dead!"
    • "Waaagh!"

    Voice Actor:

    Paul Dobson

    Battleground (Spoilers Below)


    Orkamungus is always looking for the next fight. So when the Chaos Sorcerer Sindri offered up the Space Marines as the next opponent, Orkamungus prepared for battle. Sindri was a Chaos Sorcerer for the Alpha Legion. He told Orkamungus that if he launched an Ork Waagh on the Planet Tartarus, the Space Marines would arrive to put up a good fight. All Sindri wanted in return was for the Orks to keep the Imperial Armies busy until the Alpha Legion had finished its business on Tartarus.

    The Orks did not take kindly to weakness. Orkamungus didn’t respect the Chaos Marines for enlisting the Orks to do the fighting, but fighting was what the Orks did best, and that’s what they were going to do. After the Orks were done giving the Imperium a good thumpin’ the Chaos Marines were next on the menu.

    Space Marines

    After Orkamungus started his Ork Waagh on Tartarus, it wasn't long before the Colonel Carus Brom and the Imperial Guard defense force were overwhelmed. Like Sindri promised, the Space Marines arrived to support the planet's defenses. The Blood Ravens' 3rd Company lead by Captain Gabriel Angelos joined Colonel Brom and the Taratarus 37th Imperial Guard Regiment.

    Gabriel Angelos and the Blood Ravens proved to be wily opponents indeed. Orkamungus lost control of the space port and the water works as a result of a few tactical strikes launched by the Space Marines. The Orks suffered a considerable defeat when Gabriel and his Blood Ravens executed a successful defensive action at the Capitol City of Magna Bonum.

    Orkamungus began to mass a large strike force of Orks to renew the Orks offensive momentum. The Warboss brought the mighty Squigoth to stomp down on the Space Marines. Unfortunately for Orkamungus, Captain Angelos and the Blood Ravens proved to be more than he could handle. Captain Angelos put the Orks on the defensive by launching a strike force at the heart of the Ork encampment. After successfully defeating the Squiggoth, Captain Gabriel Angelos introduced Warboss Orkamungus to his demise.


    When the Imperial Guard turned their attention to evacuating the citizens of Tartarus, and the Blood Ravens turned their attention to the Chaos Space Marines, the Ork Waagh was left undisturbed. The green tide of Orks left the cities of Tartarus decimated. A warp storm arrived on Tartarus, and trapped the Orks on the planet.

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