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    Oro is a character from the Street Fighter 3 line of games. He magically binds one of his arms in order to not kill his opponents.

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    Perhaps the strangest character to ever be introduced to the Street Fighter franchise, Oro is a mystical hermit who is over 140 years old. He was born in Japan and moved to Brazil at the turn of the 20th century. Eventually he became a hermit who trained alone, mastering his techniques over several decades. Canonically, Oro is one of the strongest characters in the entire Street Fighter universe, comparable to and possibly even surpassing Akuma or Gill.
    Oro contemplates his next student.
    Oro contemplates his next student.

    His intentions for joining the World Warrior tournament differs in the different iterations of Street Fighter III, but it would seem that he has grown bored of unworthy students to his Senjutsu style while also hearing rumors of the powerful Akuma. The two finally did meet, but the dialogue in 3rd Strike seemed to indicate it was more a test of strength than a deathmatch. Oro was last seen training Ryu in his 3rd Strike ending, helping him to find his true potential.


    Special Moves

    • Sun Disc Palm: Oro stretches out his arm and lets out a small, spherical projectile. The EX version can be controlled by the player after thrown.
    • Oniyama: Oro spins upwards into the air, hitting his opponent along the way. A "shoryuken" or "flash kick" type move.
    • Human Pillar Driver: Oro grabs his opponent with his arm and slams them back and forth over his head. Can be blocked, unlike most throws, but also has some combo potential.
    • Jinchu Nobori: Oro leaps towards his opponent and stomps on his head a few times. The strength of the button pressed determines how far Oro travels. This is often used by tournament players after a close medium punch in what is known as Oro's "chicken combos," as his posture and kicking of feet resemble that of a chicken during this move.
    • Air Jinchu Nobori: Same as the original move, but done when already in the air. Hitting any kick button rapidly will result in more hits. Also used in the "chicken combos."
    • Double Jump: Unlike any other character in the Street Fighter universe (aside of those in the Marvel series), Oro can jump twice, even changing his direction in mid-air.

    Super Arts

    • Kishin RIki: A souped-up version of the Human Pillar Driver, performing the move initiates a short period of time in which any punch button pressed will be turned into an unblockable grab where Oro slams the other player back and forth several times before tossing them. Can be performed more than once if quick enough. The EX version of this move is a single leaping grab in which Oro grabs the opponent, flies off the screen, and comes crashing down in fire.
    • Yagyou Dama: Oro releases a giant green ball (often called the "giant booger" among some fans) which slowly works its way up and down towards the direction of the other player. Three can be unleashed at the same time for confusion and combo opportunities. The EX version has Oro throw a gigantic yellow ball much larger than him down from the sky, doing massive damage. Hard to land successfully.
    • Tengu Stone: Random objects surround and float around Oro, adding extra hits and damage to anything he does. The EX version has more objects surrounding him, but lasts for a considerably less amount of time.

    Oro's winning comments in Third Strike

    • "Your moves are deadly, they bore me to death."
    • "If you went home right now, would anyone really care? Probably not."
    • "Would you like to meet my pets?" Or are you too injured?
    • "keep it up and you'll suffer the horror of pain!"
    • "If I keep fighting against you, I might actually get worse!"
    • "Have you no sense of defense? Or do you like to feel pain?"
    • "If you are angry, how can you hope to strike accurately?"
    • "I'm so bored! I feel so limited! Huh? You feel the same way too?"

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