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"We cannot afford to lose a single soldier, even if his sacrifice brings us victory. After all, we might win a battle that way, but we will not be able to last out the war." -- Oscar, in his B support conversation with Tanith (Path of Radiance)

He is cheery, very polite, modest, intelligent, and calm as befits the green knight of the social knights archetype. He is pretty much considered to be opposite of his "rival", Kieran, who is extremely energetic, loud, boastful, and fairly thickheaded. He might also be considered opposite of his younger brother, Boyd, who is almost as reckless as Kieran. Oscar is also protective of his younger brothers to an extent; he gives them room to make their own choices, but looks out for them. As mentioned before, Oscar is good at cooking, and likes getting feedback.


In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Oscar used to be a member of the Crimean Royal Knights. However, he had left the knights when he found out that his parents had died leaving his two younger brothers, Boyd not old enough to take care of a child, and Rolf only a baby. He was later hired by Greil and served under the Greil Mercenaries. Years later, Boyd joined. And although it wasn't planned, Rolf joined the mercenaries as well. According to his conversation with Kieran in a prison, Oscar had left the knights three years ago.

In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, he and the Greil Mercenaries would face off against the Dawn Brigade and the Daein Liberation Army.

Military Affiliation

Although he was a former member of the Crimean Royal Knights, the player first uses Oscar when he serves the Greil Mercenaries. He will not be recruited to any other side ever. This is true in both Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He will also never fight against members of the Crimean Royal Knights because they are on the same side as the Greil Mercenaries.


In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Oscar has a total of four supports: Ike, Kieran, Janaff, and Tanith. It has been suggested that it was planned for Oscar to have an additional support with Astrid (probably because there's an option for Oscar to use a bow when he promotes, and Astrid uses a bow in her current class. They both also ride horses) For whatever reason, that support was cut out.

In his conversations with Ike, Oscar questions if he's a good cook since only Shinon, Rhys, and Mist complement his cooking. His younger brothers are used to his cooking, Soren hates everything, and while Ike eats everything on his plate, he seems like the type that will eat anything. Ike immediately says that Oscar's a great cook, and promises that he'll give feedback. They also discuss strategy in upcoming battles, and Ike questions his ability as a leader. Oscar responds by talking about his unwavering loyalty to the mercenaries because they are his home, and that he'll always believe in his commander, Ike.

Kieran and Oscar's Rivalry
Kieran and Oscar's Rivalry

In his conversations with Kieran, the knight in red openly talks about their "rivalry" and how much he hates Oscar. He then reminds Oscar of their second year of enlistment when they had both finished their horsemanship training and how he had challenged Oscar to a horse race. He continues on about how Oscar had beat him by "the smallest of margins" while Oscar reminisces about how fun it was even though he remembered the distance between them to be "at least three lengths". Kieran denies that and calls him a liar. He said on that day, he declared Oscar to be his "archrival", and had trained ever since to best him. Of course, he was so caught up in it that he didn't realize Oscar had left the Crimean Knights until six months passed. Then he accuses Oscar of being a traitor. Kieran continues to be very open about their one-sided rivalry while Oscar mostly just ignores him or tries to reason with him (which usually ends in failure because one does not reason with someone like Kieran). Kieran ends up trying to get Oscar to rejoin the knights because he doesn't understand why the knight in green would leave defending his country to become someone who kills for money. His efforts end up failing as Oscar explains that while he loves Crimea, the Greil Mercenaries are his family, being a mercenary showed him parts of the world that being a knight would never have shown him, and that he's happy where he is. Kieran gets upset about how Oscar defeated him again even though he's not sure how or why, but tells Oscar that he'll become a knight so great that the knight in green will hear tales of it wherever he is. Oscar smiles and says he'll toast his success when that day comes.

In his support conversations with Janaff, Oscar attempts to befriend Janaff because they are allies now, and he should learn to communicate with those of the bird tribe. Of course, Janaff, initially untrusting of beorc, brushes him off. Oscar persists, making the mistake of calling Janaff young. The laguz takes offense to that, revealing his age to be a little over a hundred years which shocks Oscar. Later, Janaff forgives him for being ignorant and asks his age. He is then shocked to find out that Oscar is twenty-four years old ("You're a child! I can't believe beorc send children out to battle! I'm surprised you can even speak!") Janaff then decides that he'll protect him because he's so young while Oscar is not sure what he did wrong.

In his support conversations with Tanith, she is surprised that Oscar is a mercenary because he is so polite to her. She continues on to say that he is not what she expected a mercenary to be like at all. Oscar usually expresses how brave and valiant he thinks the pegasus knights of Begnion are while she says that he's over-romanticizing them. He doesn't think so, and he shares battle strategies with her. Later, she is surprised once more when she learned that Oscar cooks. As it turns out, she isn't very skilled at cooking, knocking a few generals out when she last tried cooking (it was implied that she injured them physically and trying the food did not hurt them). Oscar just thinks she's very strong and promises to teach her how to cook. She accepts his offer.

In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Oscar is allowed to have a support with anyone he spends a lot of time with. In the C support conversation, he will ask if the unit is doing okay. In the B support conversation, he will offer to fight with the unit. In the A support conversation, he says that he's not scared of a lot of things, but the thought of the unit dying scares him a lot.

Oscar shares a bond support of 10% with both Boyd and Rolf in both games.

As it turns out, there is some unused content on the support system for Radiant Dawn. If Oscar were to have a support with certain characters, then he would have a full-length support conversation in the A support conversation only. Of course, the full-length support conversation for the A support was cut out. This may be due to Ike and Micaiah having an immense amount of potential A support conversations...and either of them alone would be too many.

The characters that were planned to have the special support conversation with (and the possible reasons) were:

  • Boyd and Rolf (his little brothers. Obvious)
  • Shinon, Gatrie, Titania (all are older members of the Greil Mercenaries)
  • Kieran (They are 'rivals'. Obvious)
  • Ike, Janaff, and Tanith (all were supports in Path of Radiance)
  • Rhys, Mist, and Mia (all are part of the Greil Mercenaries)
  • Ilyana (Ilyana eats a lot. Oscar is a good cook. How disappointing that this was cut out...)


In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Oscar starts off as a level three Lance Knight. When he reaches level twenty-one or uses a Master Seal to promote at level ten or higher, he will change into the second and final tier Paladin class. Then, he will be given a choice to use one of three weapons: sword, axe, or bow.

In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Oscar starts off as a level twelve Lance Paladin. When he reaches level twenty-one or uses a Master Crown to promote at level ten or higher, he will promote to the third and final tier Silver Knight. He will then be allowed to use C grade bows and gain the locked Master Skill, Sol, which will allow him to attack at triple times the damage and heal. If Boyd promotes, then all three brothers should be able to perform a triangle attack as in the previous game.

Unit Data

Base Stats

Path of RadianceRadiant Dawn
  • Starting class: Lance Knight
  • Affinity: Earth
  • Level: 3
  • HP: 26
  • Strength: 6
  • Magic: 1
  • Skill: 6
  • Speed: 7
  • Luck: 5
  • Defense: 8
  • Resistance: 0
  • Constitution: 10
  • Weight: 35
  • Movement: 8
  • Weapon grade: Lance - C
  • Starting class: Lance Paladin
  • Affinity: Unchanged (Earth)
  • Level: 12
  • HP: 38
  • Strength: 20
  • Magic: 7
  • Skill: 22
  • Speed: 21
  • Luck: 18
  • Defense: 17
  • Resistance: 13
  • Constitution: 11
  • Weight: 36
  • Movement: 9
  • Weapon grade: Lance - A

Growth Rates

Path of RadianceRadiant Dawn
  • Health: 55%
  • Strength: 45%
  • Magic: 20%
  • Skill: 50%
  • Speed: 45%
  • Luck: 35%
  • Defense: 30%
  • Resistance: 30%
  • Health: 50%
  • Strength: 35%
  • Magic: 20%
  • Skill: 65%
  • Speed: 60%
  • Luck: 55%
  • Defense: 30%
  • Resistance: 20%


Oscar has one ending at the end of the game. It is as follows:

Agile Horseman - Oscar

Oscar returned to the Royal Knights at Queen Elincia's request, but still took mercenary work on the side.


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