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A Beautiful but Hectic Mess 3

  Ambiance isn’t something that comes to mind when you think about video games. No, when you think about video games you think about being aurally and visually stimulated. You think of competition and accomplishing objectives that the game has you partaking in so is that you feel compelled to continue playing the game. However every now and then a game comes out that pushes these expectations to the side and just wants you to relax. These ambient games include recent releases like flOw...

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Osmos, smallest idea to be the biggest. 1

Osmos is a game based on a very small idea. To be big. Nay, the biggest. The game really hits the nail on the head with this feature, even though it's a common mechanic in many flash and small developed games. Instead of levels, upgrades and persistence the reward for your hard work is seeing your masterful orb devour anything in it's way including the oppressors that sought out to destroy you at your weakest form.   Weeee!With this already addictive aspect of becoming the biggest, Hemisphere ga...

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Osmos will absorb you into a state of of entertainment. My DZ rev 0

 A lot of surprisingly distinctive games are now coming from indie developers through the medium of digital distribution. Osmos is a new indie title from Hemisphere Games. It's one of these games that tries to sooth your soul as you play, something that flOw did back in 2007 on the PS3. The creators of Osmos have introduced a more videogame-orientated experience, but you still need to get that comfy chair, sit in it, relax and just enjoy the experience in front of you. In Osmos you must absorb...

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Osmos- A Review 0

Osmos is a physics-based puzzle game for the PC, developed and published by indie games studio Hemisphere Games and released on August 18th 2009. Osmos was created around the concept of Isaac Newton’s third law of motion: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” and aims to be a relaxing and ambient experience. It has already received attention at PAX and the Independent Games Festival but what exactly can you expect from Osmos? The answers are here. Just drifitng around In Osm...

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Solid, if you enjoy particle physics 0

Osmos is a physics-based game where you control a tiny lifeform.  The goal is to suck up the things smaller than you by bumping into them, while avoiding things larger than you.  The only way to move around is to shoot off a tiny piece of yourself, pushing you around the level.  The game has three main scenarios that provide healthy variety to the game.  Depending on your patience, this game could keep you occupied for many hours, because there's even a built in "infinite number of levels" that ...

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The power of the Cosmos! 0

My expectations for Osmos were relatively low. After all, I picked it up for $2.00 during the steam thanksgiving sale in 2009. However, after 5 minutes of playing it, I had bought it as a gift for everyone else that I knew who had a steam account. Maybe it's the nerd in me. Maybe it's the fact that trance/electronica has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. It could also be how beautiful this game looks in motion. Whatever it is, this game clicked with me in a way that few other games have in ...

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