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Located at the base of the bell tower in the Undead Parish, Oswald of Carim is a merchant who provides a range of services and wares to the player. He sells Purging Stones, used to cure curses, more cheaply than other merchants and offers to absolve players of their Sin for a fee. Sin is the result of either attacking non-hostile NPCs or breaking the rules of certain covenants. The price for absolution is five-hundred Souls multiplied by the player's current level; this removes all Sin from the player. Oswald's fee must be paid to remove Sin; there is no other in-game method to reset a friendly NPC after it has been flagged as hostile towards the player, or to rejoin a hostile covenant. As such, it is imperative for players to never attack Oswald if they wish to absolve their Sin later. Sinning will also record a player's name in the Book of the Guilty, a list of Sin-ridden targets who may be invaded by members of the Blades of the Darkmoon covenant.

Players can also leave a covenant by speaking to Oswald; however, it is not required to speak with him in order to switch covenants, and no Sin will be accrued by leaving a covenant unless the player violates the specific rules associated with that covenant (i.e. attacking the covenant's other members or trespassing through a covenant leader's fog door).


Purging Stone (5)3,000
Book of the Guilty1,000
Karmic Justice40,000
Velka's Talisman5,000
Bloodbite Ring10,000
Poisonbite Ring15,000
Ring of Sacrifice (10)5,000
Homeward Bone500

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