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Is There an Exorcist in the House?

The world is being overrun by demons, and is in need of being purified. Unfortunately there aren’t enough exorcist in the world to purify this game.

Otogi Myth of Demons is a gorgeous looking game. The animations of Raikoh, our demon slaying exorcist, are fluid and highly stylized as he purifies (i.e chops up like sushi) the demons that stand before him, but it is really the environments that stand out visually. It is quite a spectacle to watch as the environments splinter and break at the fury of your sword. This is without a doubt one of the prettiest action games of all time… but it also happens to be one of the worst.

As with most hack n’ slash games the objective is to hack and occasionally slash at the enemies on the screen. The main problem is the hacking and the slashing is either excruciatingly boring, or excruciatingly aggravating. This is in part due to the enemies. For the first half of the game the enemies range from being docile, to extremely docile, allowing you to chop through them with ease. Then inexplicably half way through the adventure your foes become much stronger. Suddenly they can kill you in one to two hits, and have all become blocking master overnight, making them frustratingly difficult to defeat, unless you fall back on a certain move which you will now do over, and over again.

Another problem is the actual structure of the game. There is no clear emphasis on what you should actually be doing. Should you break every inanimate object in the map? You get graded for it. Are you suppose to kill all the enemies in a level, even though you are slowly and constantly losing health? Carrying over this lack of structure is the stages themselves, feeling more like bonus areas than actual full blown levels. Despite all the effects the areas lack a sense of size and scale. Everything you do revolves around very simple goals which granted, do have surprisingly good variety. You do everything from purifying pottery, to escorting sleeping foxes, to nailing an evil gods carcass into a wall. Unfortunately the good variety in missions can’t fix the underlying problem… that the gameplay is simply abysmal.

There’s absolutely no redeemable factor about this game, even the great ideas are burdened by absolutely horrible execution. What could have been a cool fight in bamboo forest is sullied by the fact the bad guy blocks your every attack, leaving you to just cheap him to death. The breakable environments which could have been a nice aesthetic touch are ruined by the fact the game now wants you to break every single piece of crap sprinkled around the map. Then there is the constantly draining health. The lack of enemy variety. The lack of half decent enemy A.I. and the list goes on and on and on. Otogi Myth of Demons is a mess, it might look great but just because you see the Mona Lisa in your vomit doesn’t change the fact that its still vomit. Forget the exorcist call the mortician this game needs to be buried.    

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