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Otogirisou (the Japanese name for the St. John's wort herb) is a "sound novel", the first of its kind, from Chunsoft. The player is taken through a multiple-choice story with static images and text that is backed with sound effects and music, hence the term "sound novel". Though Chunsoft originated the term, several other visual novel developers would borrow the format for their own games.

The story of Otogirisou concerns a young man, Kohei, and his girlfriend, Nami, who find themselves stranded after their car crashes and decide to take shelter in an empty western-style mansion nearby. The game is horror-themed and features supernatural elements.

It was eventually followed by a sequel of sorts in Kamaitachi no Yoru. Otogirisou would eventually be rereleased on the Playstation and the Wii's Virtual Console.

A film adaptation was released in 2001, and can be found in the West under its literal translation, "St. John's Wort".

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