Out of the Blocks

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    A game made for the Leap Motion Controller, the player traverses a block city to collect the glowing blocks

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    The player begins on a city block, made of blocks. It features block people, block cars, and block buildings. Scattered among the streets, there are glowing blocks with shafts of light shooting skyward. The objective is to collect these blocks. Upon obtaining the first block the player is imbued with the power of shooting blocks at block enemies. Each subsequent glowing block pick-up increases the player's size. However, if they are hit by enemies of their size, or larger, the player grows smaller. Eventually, the player is so large they tower over the clouds. One cloud in particular has a button, which when pressed, resets the player at the beginning of their journey; this second time around features slightly varied dialogue.


    This game uses the leap motion controller. The player hovers their hand above the leap and move it in the direction they want their character to move. Once they have the ability to shoot, the player can simply flick their hand back and forth to fire blocks.


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