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Out of the Park Baseball is a baseball simulation franchise for the PC which emphasizes realistic, stat based simulation. Games in the franchise feature a large amount of customization, and players can choose to simulate modern baseball, or to use a historical database and begin their franchise at any year dating back to 1901, importing all real players at the appropriate year. Additionally, the series allows players to create their own full-fledged fictional universe, and ignore all of reality. Each entry in the franchise allows players to import their save file from the previous one, allowing players to keep franchises and dynasties going for years.
Another staple of the series is the manager mode. In this mode, players can either step right into being the GM of a big league team, or they can start as small as they want, even being a Rookie ball manager. Players who succeed can be rewarded with promotions and better jobs, while players who fail to get their teams to deliver may wind up being fired.
Because the games are focused on building teams first and foremost, playing of games is different than many other sports games. If players choose to play out there games (simply simming them and acting as the GM is always an option), they will function as the manager. They will make the appropriate changes when necessary, and during the play by play, the player will give instructions such as "Swing away", "Hit and Run" or "Bunt" while hitting, and position the defense and give the pitcher instructions such as "Pitch Away", "Hold Runner(s)", or "Pitch out" while pitching. Actual selection of pitches and how to hit is handled by the AI.  Beginning in 2006, the game also featured a more in depth pitch by pitch mode, although the quicker play by play remains an option as well.

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