Outer Wilds

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released May 29, 2019

    Explore a solar system on the brink of collapse in this Seumas McNally Grand Prize Winner.

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    Hurry up and wait 0

    “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” OUTER WILDS 2019, XBOX ONEMany games present us with the conceit of freeform exploration and discovery, but few manage to make good on this promise. Typically exploration is confined by invisible walls or bright red turn-back signals that steer us away from the less interesting parts of the canvas. The stories found within tend to start and stop with the NPC’s we encounter along the way and their menial err...

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    A Groundhog Day Archaeological Dig Gone Solar System Wide 0

    Outer Wilds is a game like many others, but the way it comes together results in a game unlike any other. It's a game about space and time. It's a Groundhog Day archaeological dig gone solar system wide. And like such a dig, Outer Wilds is likely to be filled with times of stagnation and frustration just hoping that those feelings will be justified by the staggering discoveries and stupefying oddities that await. And they do, await.You play as a budding astronaut finally given their shot to pun...

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    Space Exploration at its finest 0

    Finished the game last night and contemplated writing a full review but ultimately decided I better not because it will inadvertently spoil something.Outer Wilds is an ambitious game with a full dynamic and realized solar system. While the game lacks enemies to fight, the space and planets themselves are more than dangerous enough as it is. This game will not hold your hand, give you a nice big objective marker and tell you exactly what to do. Part of the fun is discovering and learning about th...

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    Space exploration adventure mystery 0

    How does one describe a game like Outer Wilds? Take a modern space exploration survival game, mix it with one part Mario Galaxy and one part Marjora's Mask, and baste with a healthy coat of Cyan (Myst/Obduction), and you will have Outer Wilds.Just in case somebody didn't already spoil the main thread of the game, I'll just say something happens that causes you to repeat a short period of time over and over again in a solar system occupied by your humble species and once by a past civilization . ...

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    Science, art, and mystery in a small solar system 0

    I know it’s a good sign when I play an adventure game and immediately grab a pen and paper to write down a piece of information I got. Having just finished Outer Wilds, a game I was excited to come to PS4 a few months after its initial release on PC and Xbox One, I can put the pen an paper down feeling content at a wonderful adventure game experience. Granted, I didn’t loose too much ink in my pen since the game has a robust journal with smart updates to your progress.Outer Wilds tak...

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    A touching and Profound experience. 0

    A mystery adventure set in a miniature galaxy.Travel around the galaxy in a ramshackle Spaceship for one, as you solve the mystery of those who came before you.A Deep and humbling experience that will be with me for the rest of my life.The less you know about this game the better....

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    Outer Wilds is a Brilliant Journey of Horror, Sadness, and Triumph [Mild Spoiler Review] 0

    Good works of fiction, no matter the medium, are the ones that can create an emotional response from a person. Fear, sadness, joy, anger, confusion, horror, anxiety, calmness, awe.Triumph.Even when video games were nothing more than a handful of pixels moving on a CRT television, the end goal for the designer was almost always to evoke a feeling of triumph in the player. From Pong to PUBG, we play games to overcome their many challenges and walk away victorious - whatever form that victory may t...

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