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What a mess. 1

To give you some reference I played Outlast & it's DLC when they were released and it was at the time one of the best horror games I'd ever played, the design took the chases from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, nightvision from found footage horror films, layered that on a base of uncertainty by setting it in an psychiatric hospital and sprinkled on gore. Running from various NPC's down tight corridors and witnessing them do strange and bewildering things in a crumbling asylum made for an entert...

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Not as good as the origional. 0

The first one was better. I dislike the game taking place mostly outside, and is parts where I can't tell what is where. I think the first game benefited from being inside, in that you could have things look different, as opposed to rocks, which all mostly look the same. You can also kind of see where you can walk. I found this game to sometimes not tell me where I can go. Can't walk on that. This game also suffers from the 'where am I supposed to go' that a machine for pigs suffered from. It i...

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