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    Outlaw Volleyball: Remixed

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 17, 2005

    A volleyball game with a mature edge.

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    This M-rated beach volleyball game offers new twists, such as Hot Potato mode, Casino rounds, and the ability to fight members of the opposing team. 
    To quote forum user ZanzibarBreeze, Outlaw Volleyball Remixed " is sexist, racist, stupid, insulting to one's intelligence, and on top of all that, it's garbage." 


    Outlaw Volleyball follows standard volleyball rules; however, there are a few game modes that adds twists to the gameplay.  
    • Hot Potato: The ball has a countdown timer. When it reaches 0, the ball explodes upon impact with the nearest player. 
    • Casino: The players win money based on how long the volley lasts. 
    • Side Out: Only the serving team can score.  

    Players can also fight the opposing players to steal their momentum bar.


     The game features 16 selectable characters, each embodying one of a variety of stereotypes:  

    The game's announcer is voiced by Steve Carell.

    Tour Locations

      The game features volleyball courts in 10 different locations: 

    • Tar Beach: The Bronx, New York
    • The Big House: Joliet, Illinois
    • Colon Avenue: Staten Island, New York
    • Stinky Falls: Newark, New Jersey
    • Coney Island: Brooklyn, New York
    • Third Rail Junction: Queens, New York
    • The Ice Box: Antarctica
    • The Bone Yard: Salem, Massachusetts
    • Jungle Fever: Peru
    • Casa de Guapo: Fundijo Canyon, Mexico

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