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    OutRun Online Arcade

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Apr 15, 2009

    Ride thorough various locations and idyllic sceneries to reach a goal with nothing but a pristine Ferrari, a demanding girlfriend, long stretches of road and crazy drift mechanics.

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    OutRun Online Arcade is based on the courses seen in OutRun 2 and OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast and has the player driving fast through scenic landscapes in a Ferrari sports car. It is a downloadable game and was downloadable on Xbox Live Marketplace and the Playstation Network but was pulled down on October 12, 2010 on the Playstation Network and respectively, the Xbox Live Marketplace on January 1st, 2012 after an expiry of contract with Ferrari.

    It also features online leaderboards in which you can compare scores and times with other players from around the world and friends as well as online races for up to six players.

    Game Modes

    Beat rivals like the beginning of Tokyo Drift to gain extra points in OutRun mode.
    Beat rivals like the beginning of Tokyo Drift to gain extra points in OutRun mode.

    OutRun Mode

    OutRun Mode is the classic mode seen straight back in it's original title, OutRun. Players will be tasked to drive their best through five different stages which can be selected by the player as they select which intersection to drive down and achieve the best score they can. On the passenger seat will be your girlfriend (not your real one), who will be cheering for you (or berating, dependent on skill) as you race down five beautiful locations. Depending on the amount of score the player achieves and where the player finally ends up, the player will be treated to multiple endings.

    There is also the option to race through all fifteen stages in one go.

    Heart Attack Mode

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    Heart Attack Mode was a new mode seen in OutRun 2 which tasked the player by his girlfriend to complete specific tasks whilst driving. There are a wide spectrum, including such staple tasks such as 'DON'T HIT ANY CARS' to more abstract tasks such as 'RUN THROUGH THOSE MAGICIAL RINGS ON THE ROAD'. The better the player accomplishes these tasks, the higher the grade the player will receive as well as earn more 'heart points'. Depending on the final grade the player achieves and where the player finally ends up will determine the ending that the player sees.

    Time Attack Mode

    Time Attack Mode allows the player to set best scores on a set path in the game. There is also the option to download ghost data online. Ghost data, like scores for the leaderboards, are automatically uploaded online after attempting a path. Your girlfriend does not however join the player in this endeavour, leaving the player's full concentration to smashing a world record.

    Like OutRun mode, there is also the option to race through all fifteen stages in one go.

    Online Race (for up to 6 players)

    Online Race allows for up to six players to race a set path or a free-flowing path thorough the courses of OutRun.

    Driveable Cars

    The following can be selected -

    Six Gear Transmission Cars

    • F50
    • Enzo Ferrari
    • 360 Spider
    • F40
    • Testarossa

    Five Gear Transmission Cars

    • 288 GTO
    • 512 BB
    • Dino 246 GTS
    • 365 GTS/4 Daytona
    • 250 GTO

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