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    Fast cars, sunny locales, summery tunes; the Outrun games are amongst the most relaxing of driving games.

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    Outrun is a driving game series that first appeared in the arcades before showing up on a wide variety of Sega consoles. The basic premise is that the player drives a Ferrari and has to get from Point A to Point B. Unlike other driving games there is only one track in each game, however the track forks through a variety of environments and terrain, making for various route combinations. It should be noted the repeated use of the word driving game is due to no other racers to compete with, as the player's biggest enemy is time. The player starts out with a limited amount (usually around a minute) and must hit checkpoints to extend their time.


    The OutRun series was created by Sega's legendary Yu Suzuki and his team at Sega-AM2. The idea came from his love of the movie Canonball Run, about a race across the United States featuring various exotic cars. He wanted to make a game that focused less on competitive racing, and more on driving across scenic roads.


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