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    Over 100% Completion

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    Despite it being mathematically impossible, some games allow players to go beyond 100% completion.

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    Games that allow players to obtain over 100% in either a single level or in the entire game. Notable examples include the Donkey Kong Country series, the Castlevania series, and Burnout Paradise.

    Donkey Kong Country series

    The Donkey Kong Country franchise is popular for having increasing max completion percentages. In the first game, players could achieve 101% completion, in the second 102% and in the third it goes up to 105%. The spiritual N64 sequel Donkey Kong 64 to the original trilogy reigned things in a little bit with offering "only" a completion percentage of 101%. Donkey Kong Country Returns, the latest title in the series, goes the extra mile and has a max completion of 200%.

    Burnout Paradise

    In Burnout Paradise, it is possible to achieve 101% and 102% completion. To achieve 101% completion, the player must win all events, own all roads, smash all gates, complete all super jumps, smash all the billboards and complete two sections of freeburn challenges. To achieve 102%, the player must complete all freeburn challenges.

    During the beta testing of the game, any tester who achieved 101% completion were enrolled in the "101% club" and received a collectors t-shirt for their efforts.


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