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    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Jun 26, 2007

    Overlord is a comedic action-adventure game starring the titular Evil Overlord. After waking up with no memory, the Overlord is goaded into unleashing his minion army upon the world for its own good.

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    The game primarily consists of you controlling the new Overlord in his quest to establish his evil dominion across the land. Despite being all powerful, the only three things the Overlord can actually do are move, attack and control his minions. The minions are your primary tool throughout the game and are used in everything from combat to solving puzzles. While playing the game you collect two main resources; life-force and gold. Gold is used to buy new weapons and upgrades for your evil tower. While life-force is used to spawn minions for you to control. There are four different types of life-force in the game, with their respective colors corresponding to the minion of the same color. Each color life-force is stored separately in its own pool, so you can only spawn as many minions of a certain color as you have life-force for it. At the beginning of the game the Overlord is quite weak and can suffer large amounts of damage quickly if attacked by a large number of enemies, so minions are essential to success.

    Control of the minions is dealt with three different inputs. You can manually control the movement of the horde by the right analog stick. By locking on to something you can tell the minions to attack it by pressing the right trigger. Holding down the B button recalls all of your minions back to yourself. As you progress through the game you will find more upgrades for your castle. These upgrades allow the player access to a dungeon where you can fight any creature you or your minions have killed, a bedroom for your mistress where you can buy aesthetic upgrades for your tower, and a forge. The forge system in the game uses your minions to upgrade your equipment. Sacrificing minions will enchant your equipment with new power.

    Overlord also has online multi-player consisting of three main game modes: slaughter, pillage and survival. In slaughter you fight against an opposing Overlord in a race to score as many points as possible by killing as many monsters as possible within a time limit. This play-style also can include killing the opposing Overlord and his minions. In pillage, players compete in a race against time to collect a target amount of gold before your opponent does. In survival, two players team up to fight of waves of enemies of ever-increasing difficulty for as long as possible. The game ends as soon as one player dies. The expansion to Overlord entitled Rising Hell added a new multi-player mode called Protect Your Power. This mode plays similar to survival except you must make sure that the enemies do not destroy the object posing as your so-called power.


    The minions free the Overlord from his coffin and have tasked him with rebuilding his tower and taking out the seven corrupt "heroes" who destroyed the tower and killed his predecessor. All of the seven heroes have fallen to one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Gnarl, your mentor, gives suggestions to the Overlord throughout the game. The minions also obey every command from the Overlord and are happy to die for him or collect gold for him.


    The Overlord first discovers the town of Spree, whose castle is being attacked by an unknown force. At this point the Overlord defeats the first hero Melvin Underbelly, who forces the citizens of Spree to make food for him. Upon freeing the town of Spree under Melvin's control, it is put in the hands of the Overlord. Upon assaulting the castle, you learn that "the force" attacking the castle was harnessing magical forces and using a creature called the Overseer, similar to the ones in Dungeons and Dragons to enter the castle.

    In the castle you encounter Rose, a maiden of the Kingdom, who tells you about a plague that is killing the people of Heaven's Peak. Rose also becomes your mistress and takes up residence in your tower. The Overlord then ventures into the Elven Forest and discovers the fate of the Elves. No live Elves remain in the forest, only ghosts. This is caused by the coming of the dwarves which resulted in the capture (and enslavement) of many of them. On top of this, the Elven hero Oberon Greenhaze has fallen into a deep slumber and his nightmares have managed to come to life, hunting the remaining Elves in the forest. During the time the Overlord is trying to defeat Oberon, he ventures into the Elven temple to try to claim the Mother Goddess statue. Unfortunately he is too late and finds the dwarves have taken it in their last raid. We also see two of the other "heroes", Kahn the Beserker and Jewel the thief, who were also trying to claim the statue. They leave before the Overlord has a chance to confront them. Once the Overlord finally defeats Oberon the way to the Northern Mountains and the home of the dwarves is open.

    The Overlord returns to Heaven's Peak to defeat the hero Sir William the Paladin and get rid of the source of the plague once and for all. The Overlord discovers that Sir William has joined a dark cult and does nothing to aid the city folk who idolize him. The Overlord discovers that the source of the plague came from a succubus and she is promptly defeated. When the Overlord defeats Sir William we learn that Sir William was to be wed to Rose's dark sister, Velvet. At this point The Overlord can choose to stay with Rose or take Velvet as his new mistress.

    The Overlord then ventures to the Northern Mountains to confront the dwarven "hero" King Goldo Golderson. Goldo has enslaved the Elves he captured in the forest to mine gold for him and to build a giant temple in the mountains to house the Mother Goddess statue he claimed. Some minions hide in the statue so they know where it goes when Jewel comes to steal it moments later. After the Overlord defeats Goldo and his pet Rollie, the Overlord decides on the fate of the remaining Elven race. With four of the seven "heroes" defeated the Overlord learns of where Jewel has taken the Mother Goddess Statue, the Ruborian Desert.

    The Overlord ventures into the desert to discover a number of villages where raiders and thieves dwell. Upon encountering your first human enemies here, you recognize that they were the people that attacked Castle Spree. Instead of fighting Jewel and defeating her, the Overlord instead captures her. He then decides on whether or not to keep the Mother Goddess statue. When the Overlord returns to the castle we learn that Kahn the Beserker is going on a rampage looking for Jewel, since she was his love interest. The Overlord has to defend Spree from the forces of Kahn and then choose whether or not to spare or kill the villagers that turned on him during the assault. The Overlord then confronts Kahn in Heaven's Peak and defeats him.

    The Overlord returns to the castle triumphant after the defeat of the sixth "hero" only to be taken over by the hero known only as the Wizard. It turns out that the previous Overlord was killed by the Wizard and instead of dying, possessed the Wizard and took over his body claiming all of the Wizard's powers along with it. The Overlord then has to fight and defeat the Wizard to reclaim the tower. During the fight we learn about the origins of the Overlord you have been controlling. It turns out that the group of seven "heroes" had an unknown hero set in Jewel's place instead of Jewel herself because of her youth, attacked the tower only a couple of years ago and defeated the residing Overlord. During the fight the unknown hero fell out of the top of the tower to his death. It turns out that you have been controlling the unknown hero all along. You were brought back to life with magic and made into the "new" Overlord as he was presumed dead and Gnarl did not know what had happened with the Wizard. After a intense fight the Overlord defeats the Wizard and rules over the kingdom.


    Melvin Underbelly
    Melvin Underbelly

    The seven corrupt heroes are all in their own locations through out the land. Melvin is the leader of the Halflings. As a result of his corruptions he has become very fat and because of this has begun stealing food to feed his hunger. The Elf hero, Oberon Greenhaze, has gone into a deep sleep and has turned the Elf land into a living nightmare, allowing the Dwarves to enslave the Elf race. Sir William the Black, ruler of Heavens Peak has become corrupt by going to parties with a secret cult and having strange sexual lusts. This has caused a plague to break out. Goldo Golderson, has become greedy and having a love for gold. This love for gold has caused him to embolize his entire kingdom and have the elves enslaved to mine gold for him. Jewel the Thieving Hero, has become addicted with envy to steal anything valuable and cares for nothing but her possessions. Kahn the Warrior, is very protective of Jewel and protects her against any harm. The Wizard, shows pride in his work and is the body of the last Overlord. The Wizard is the final boss of the game and actually takes control of your minions.


    Using Red Minions to move an object
    Using Red Minions to move an object

    Minions are used to do all of the minor tasks in the game such as collecting treasure and smashing things up. There are four different types of minion in the game, each with their pros and cons.


    The first minions the Overlord is able to have dominion over is the brown minions. These are the minions that freed the Overlord and are the main fighters. Keeping a large group of brown minions to do the fighting is a good idea. Brown minions are able to pick up anything dropped by one of the enemies in the game and use it as a weapon. However, they only do this if the equipment they find is better than the stuff they are already using.


    Red minions are impervious to fire and can put out fires as well. Red minions are also attack their enemies with fireballs. Red minions should be used at long distances and be marked to specific strategic points using the Guard Marker. The fire thrown on enemies can set some of them aflame, causing continuous damage for as long as they are burning.


    Green minions are the assassins of the minion groups. Green minion should be taken behind an enemy to take it rather than right in front of it. Green minions are also impervious to poison. They can also turn invisible, however their rotten smell may expose them to the enemy, so the invisibility may only work on some enemies like trolls that can't tell the difference. On the larger enemies the green minions will jump on to the monster's back if they get around behind it, where they deal massive damage.


    The blue minions are your water minions and are the the only group of minions that can go in water. Blue minions also boast the power of being impervious to magic spells and are able to revive dead minions. They are also the only minion that can deal damage to magical enemies, such as Dead Elves.

    Other Uses

    Aside from the brown minions, each other group of minions need to have their hive obtained before the Overlord will able to summon more of them or use them for his benefit. Obtaining the minions requires the Overlord to find a cave where the minions have been living, follow them to their hive and return the hive to the tower. Once acquired the Overlord is now in control of that group of minions.

    Minions also can get the Overlord gold and treasure, such as health, in battle. Simply deploy the minions and they will take what ever they find if useful to them such as a weapon, or gold for the Overlord. Minions do obtain their own weapons and armor that makes them stronger in battle. Over time upgrades are able to be bought for the minions that will make their attacks stronger and defense better.

    Overlord: Raising Hell

    Overlord: Raising Hell was released as an expansion pack to the original game, Overlord, on the Xbox 360. It was later released on the PlayStation 3 as a full retail game that included the new expansion as well as the original content all on one Blu-ray disc. The expansion is also available for the PC version.


    Overlord: Raising Hell, in comparison to Overlord, contained many new additions to weapons and armor. Each of these new items still needed to be located, but once found could be forged at the Forge inside of the Overlord's Tower. Minions need to be sacrificed in order to create new weapons and armor that have special properties. For example, weapons could deal fire damage or deal shock attacks. New helms that increased life are also available. The new weapons were not limited to where they could be used.


    In battle Minions are necessary to win
    In battle Minions are necessary to win

    Overlord received mainly positive reviews that highlighted its similarity to the GameCube hit Pikmin. Overlord received an average review score of 77% for the Xbox 360 and an average score of 82% for the PC. Eurogamer had even included Overlord in its Top 50 Games of 2007. GameSpot awarded the game Editor's Choice Award of Best Surprise before its release at E3 2006.

    Most criticized about Overlord was the game's ability to keep up with the action and that the the game has several glitches that kept the gaming from being as enjoyable as it could have been. One of the glitches is saving during some missions that reset objects and have them not return when you return, meaning you could not advance your game. Another glitch allowed you to fully upgrade your equipment as soon as you got it without having to sacrifice any minions. This glitch was later fixed in a patch.

    PC System Requirements

    • Operating System: Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP
    • Processor: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or Athlon XP 2400+
    • RAM Memory: 512MB RAM
    • Hard Drive Space: 4.5 GB available
    • Video Card: GeForce FX5900 / Radeon 9500 or above
    • DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
    • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or Athlon 64 X2
    • RAM Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Video Card: GeForce 7800 or Radeon X1800 or above

    Xbox 360 Game Installation

    Overlord requires 3.4 GB of space to be installed on an Xbox 360 HDD.


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