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    Oxygen Not Included

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 18, 2017

    A space colony simulation from Klei Entertainment.

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    Oxygen Not Included (ONI) is a colony survival simulation game developed and published by Klei Entertainment. It was first released in early access on Steam in February 2017, before a final version of the game was released on July 30 2019. Klei has announced plans for additional downloadable content for the game since release.

    Players are tasked with managing a colony of duplicants as they try to build a space colony inside a randomly generated asteroid. The player takes indirect control of the colony by designating tasks for the duplicants, like mining, growing food, researching and building, and assigning them a priority.

    Success requires careful management of oxygen, water, food and heat in order to keep the colony alive. Players will also need to manage the well being of their duplicants by keeping their stress levels low, and preventing the spread of infection diseases throughout the colony.

    Duplicants will be better suited to different tasks depending on their stats and attributes. Skills determine what the duplicants are good at, and how quickly they'll learn. While attributes can be positive or negative and may increase a duplicants burden on the colony.

    ONI simulates the dispersion of heat and liquids, and diffusion of gases.

    The game takes inspiration from Dwarf Fortress, Rimworld and The Sims.


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