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    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released December 1994

    Guide Pac-Man through five worlds with an assortment of gadgets in this side-scrolling platformer.

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    Pac-in-Time is a platformer game for the Super Nintendo, Game Boy and PC featuring Namco's spherical ghost-eating hero. It is a re-branded version of 1993's Fury of the Furries which didn't feature Pac-Man, but four different furry, ball-like creatures, called Tinies. The developer of Fury of the Furries, French company Atreid Concept (later Kalisto Entertainment), was also the developer of Pac-in-Time.

    Frustrated at Pac-Man's repeated victories over her spectral minions, the Ghost Witch warps Pac-Man through time to prevent him from interfering with her plans. Pac-Man has to make his way back through a series of worlds to stop her from taking over.


    Pac-Man can only complete a stage after collecting all the pellets on the level. To reach them, he has to find some or all of the power-ups: each increases his ability to move around the level or unlocks more of it to explore. These include:

    • Rope: The rope lets Pac-Man swing across any ceiling, but Pac-Man has to be within a certain range for the rope to attach. It cannot be used horizontally: only vertically.
    • Fireball: Pac's best weapon against the non-ghost enemies. Without it, Pac-Man won't be able to get around enemies without getting hurt, and he can only take so many hits before losing a life.
    • Hammer: The hammer allows Pac-Man to break through certain barriers and open chests.
    • Bubble: The bubble allows Pac-Man to swim through underwater sections, collecting whatever is under the surface. Without it, Pac-Man simply bobs on top of any body of water.

    In addition, Pac-Man also has to find a way to eliminate ghosts on the stage, as they will continue to hound him until he has been defeated. Ghosts can be eaten whenever Pac-Man finds a Power Pellet, but these are rare and Pac-Man must chase down the now fleeing ghosts before its effects wear off.


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