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Released by developed by Creative Asylum Hasbro Interactive in 2000 Pac- Man Adventures in Time follows Pac-Man on his quest through four time periods to retrieve four pieces of a pellet named "The Artifact" which you see crushed into four pieces at the beginning of the game by Mollusc. To begin with you are transported by Professor Pac-Man back into prehistoric times, then Ancient Egyptian Times, followed by the Middle Ages. Though the time machine at times malfunctions causing Pac-Man to be sent into different time periods at random times.

The game features a single player mode in which your only goal is to eat pellets and not get killed by the hazards of each one of the levels. After some of the levels there would be special extra mini games for certain items. The Multiplayer on the other hand is a different affair where players play as the ghosts as well as Pac-Man.

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