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Google yanked the Studio Ghibli theme I was using, and then I remembered that a lot of the iGoogle themes suck, so I tried to make one that doesn't. 
Thoughts? ( Zoom available)

 You look at the ghosts on the right, I will look at the ghosts on the left.
 You look at the ghosts on the right, I will look at the ghosts on the left.
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By request here is the full size (cc-by-sa) for your self-themeing pleasure (zoom then save). When creating a theme the uploader is pretty fickle, I found it works best to put the image in your own (required) Picasa gallery first, then pick it. If you don't tick the checkbox for the public gallery it should be fine. I have submitted it to the public theme gallery as "PMCEDX", but doubt that it would pass any kind of policy screening if they bother to. It's over 10 times the suggested file size, for starters.
The basic theme builder doesn't exactly make it easy to get things like precision placement or even resolution chosen properly. I will take a crack at the full theming API as time allows.  Just another thing on the list. :)  It's really crying out for a black background and that just isn't a canned setting in the basic builder.
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I'd give it a thumbs up... I'd use it if it were available to me.  Good thoughts brought about every time one thinks of PMCE DX.

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Pretty great if you ask me. U made this?

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@JMartNWA:@MistaSparkle: Thanks. Yep that's what I said. :)  I picked some images yesterday and assembled during the TNT. I sure wish black backgrounds were an iGoogle option. Maybe I'll override the CSS in my browser.
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Looks nice, is it available for others to use? I can't seem to find it.

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Looks very nice, I'd use it!
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@s7evn:@Bloodgraiv3: Hiya. Check my original post for more info on using the theme.

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