Please, tell me I am missing something here: I have lost money.

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 Right, so Pac-Man CE DX is part of the "Festive Offers" on the Playstation Network, so it's been priced down to 6.99. I paid this amount for the download (and the money is indeed gone from my wallet) and got a double download for it. A Pac-Man Theme (which I was able to locate) and a 6Kb "Pac-Man Championship Edition DX" download. I thought it impossible that the game would consist of such a tiny download, and indeed it is nowhere to be found. I cannot locate it under my "Games" tab and there is no record of the game being on my PS3 in any way, shape or form. What I did notice is that both the theme and the supposed actual game have a "-trial-" in their titles. What this means, I am not sure. Did I somehow pay for a demo of the game? If so, why is there no demo to be found?

I'm not quite sure what to make of this. Have I done something wrong? Am I supposed to download the full game elsewhere? If it turns out I have paid for the wrong thing, I will be severely pissed, especially since there is nothing actually on my PS3 that might have been downloaded, aside from the useless theme. Any help would be much appreciated.

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If there's a demo, try downloading that. Sometimes the full game only unlocks once you download the trial. That's just the way some PSN downloads work.

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The super small file is the "unlock" for the trial version that can be downloaded from the store for free. The unlock got installed when it was finished being downloaded so downloading the trial (now unlocked to be the full game) is the only thing you need to do.

This allows games to offer an in-game store without slapping you with a large download when a purchase is made. Pixel Junk games do this with their demos, and Burnout Paradise did this with their DLC.

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fuck....i bought this yesterday for full price........

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@XTraFries said:
" fuck....i bought this yesterday for full price........ "
i've heard a lot of that lately, these sales are brutal XD
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This has happened to me before.  Go to the PS store on your console and in the upper right corner, click the icon for "View Downloads."  That should show you any appropriate downloads you need for what you purchased.  It's also a good way to find stuff you can't get directly from the store anymore but you had already downloaded.

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you need the trial..which is the full game download with restrictions. the unlock key (which you downloaded) will unlock them

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That's the PSN for you.

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I'll go try that, thanks a lot guys.

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That is just the unlock code. You have to download the demo like with Scott Pilgrim

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It worked. Thanks a bunch for the quick replies. And let me tell you: this game is so bad-ass. This is my first Pac-Man game ever (!), due to my relatively young age but boy am I glad I picked this up. It's like, I finish a round and I just keep on trying over and over again. Incredible.

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I bought it for full price -.- oh well, still worth it. 

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