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Pac-Man Dash! is a runner game developed and published by Bandai Namco Games for the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

The game features the ability to cloud save using Google Drive. The game also features the ability to scan barcodes from real life toy figures to earn in-game items.


Completing the first mission
Completing the first mission

In Pac-Man Dash! players take control of Pac-Man as he is continuously moving from the left to the right. Players can choose to make Pac-Man jump or use a power up by press the correct location on the screen.

Unlike some other runner games, Pac-Man Dash! features a time limit each time the game is played. The game contains an energy bar which starts at 10 and will deplete 1 for each game played. When the energy is depleted the player must either wait a set amount of time (in-game) or purchase more energy with real currency.

The game contains a store in which various power ups can be purchased with real money.

While running through the stages there are power pellets and fruit that can be eaten to gain score or complete mission objectives. There are also ghosts which can be eaten that will extend the players time in the current run.


Pac-Man Dash! features two different modes of play. The first mode is mission mode in which players are given a specific task to complete within a single run.

The second game mode is called challenge mode in which players must try and reach as far as possible.


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