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Core gameplay remains the same as the original Pac-Man game, with some key differences. At any given time, only a small portion of the maze is filled; once one of the quadrants is cleared, a fruit appears. Eating this fruit creates a new section for Pac-Man to clear.

Death is only a temporary setback, as Pac-Man does not have a set number of lives. However, the object of the game is to score as many points as you can in the time allotted. The timer continues to count down as Pac-Man dies and respawns.

Points are accumulated into a special score that works on a social level with the game. "Levels" can be gained for the player, and points can be spent at the beginning of each play to buy power-ups, such as to speed up Pac-Man or slow down his foes. Due to being integrated with Facebook, Facebook Points and Friends can be used to assist the player in reaching higher scores.

Pac-Man S is also included on PAC-MANGAMES, an iOS compilation of some of Namco-Bandai's Facebook games.

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