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A bad port of one of the most AMAZING game ever created!

Pac-Man was a phenomenon of the early 1980s, and during the first big boom of video games. Pac-Man played probably the biggest role in video games only really coming behind Super Mario Bros. When introduced to the arcade market, it hit by storm and everyone in their right mind were feeding quarters into Pac-Man machines wherever it may be, such as Funeral Homes, or Bowling alleys. But, lets get into the version for the first ``real`` home video game console.
The Atari 2600 was a very popular console, selling lots and lots of units. Pac-Man was then in the arcades making big bucks, so they wanted to bring it to the home market and rake in some of the cash. Pac-Man was then released for the Atari 2600, and it sucked pretty bad.. The screen looked bad, and very unsaturated colors, along with technology to only display three things on screen at a time, thus leaving the ghosts to flicker because of the hardware drawback. The joystick also does not provide precise controls, leaving slight lag. The frames per second as well do not help out in the least, as the game plays extremely  slow compared to the arcade version.
Pac-Man on the Atari 2600 was only really released to gain market dollars, as they knew it would sell because of the immense popularity at the time. The game in general was a huge disappointment, and really showed how much more advanced arcade technology was compared to home consoles. This is one game and version of Pac-Man you should not waste your time with, although it may be cheap nowadays, I suggest you skip this one, or play it just for the retro factor.

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