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Pac Pack was made in 1998 for the PC by Astral Entertainment. Published by ValuSoft, it is a compilation pack of 10 Pac-Guy games. There is also a release that only had 6 out of the 10 games. Both discs are currently discontinued; however, you can still find 5 of the 10 games for free on Astral Entertainment's website.

The Games


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The first of the Pac-Guy games, it features many similar elements of Pac-Man. Just like in Pac-Man, you collect dots to move forward to the next level. The game is obviously a budget title, especially considering all of the music borrowed from different sources. For example, on the main menu of the game, you are greeted with the Doom theme song, in one level, the background music is "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid and the game even has a few levels that are completely parodying Star Wars. The game is pretty short, consisting of only 12 levels, but the story is charming and pretty funny.

Pac-Guy: Resurrection

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The title makes it sound like a crappy horror B-movie, and it might as well be. The game has 13 more Pac-Guy levels with the same sort of crazy charm and wit that the previous Pac-Guy game has. This game can be found as freeware on Astral Entertainment's website.

Pac-Guy: Atomic Edition

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One of the shorter games, consisting only of 4 levels. It has lots of crazy weapons which are almost atomic in nature, hence the title. This game can be found as freeware on Astral Entertainment's Website.

Pac-Guy: Christmas Edition

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Ah, holiday cheer. Pac-Guy finds himself at the North Pole and encounters a bunch of baddies who dress like Santa Claus and little elves. Another short game, consisting of only 3 levels. This game can be found as freeware on Astral Entertainment's website.

Pac-Guy 2

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This could be called a sequel to Pac-Guy, but it might be a sequel to Pac-Guy: Ressurection. It has 12 levels, and a little bit of adventuring. The graphics look a lot cleaner, and the story is more structured without losing that same charm and wit. This game can be found as freeware on Astral Entertainment's website.

Pac-Guy 2, Part 2: Pagoon

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This game has 8 new levels, and a bunch of new obstacles to overcome. It has new features such as spring jumps, levers, and air currents. The graphics look just as good as they did in Pac-Guy 2, and the story picks up where it left off. Pac-Guy has now been banished to the world of Pagoon by his arch nemesis Kan. This game can be found as freeware on Astral Enetertainment's website.

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