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    Pacific City

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    An urban playground which serves as a major setting in the Crackdown series.

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    Pacific City is a fictional city which serves as the setting of Crackdown & its sequel, Crackdown 2. It is generally presented as a large port city with a near futuristic design located on a cluster of small to medium-sized islands.


    Pacific City was once a utopian society, but the city's utopian state was usurped when three gangs arrived and claimed territory within the city's districts. These gangs were Los Muertos, Volk & Shai-Gen. The gang activity grew stronger than the city's own police force, and soon the Agency had to step in to combat the city's growing crime rate. Although the Agency was initially armed with Peacekeeper patrol forces, many of which were police officers, the creation of the Agency's super-human Agents turned the tide against the war on crime.

    Ten years later, Pacific City was attacked by a local terrorist group called Cell - led by ex-Agency scientist Catalina Thorne, who dismantles the Agency's previous agents and causes an outbreak of Freaks within the city. Because of this, the Agency sends out a new group of Agents to initialize the Sunburst Defense System in an effort to get rid of the Freaks and dismantle Cell's influence on the city.


    Pacific City is divided into four districts, three of these districts are renamed when the district's gang influence is removed. A list of Pacific City's districts include:

    The Keep

    The main headquarters for the Agency in Pacific City. The Keep is a small island in the center of the city which houses the Agency Tower, a vast structure which acts as the city's most notorious landmark, and the official headquarters for the Agency. Originally constructed as a hotel for the city's wealthy elite, this large structure is used by the Agency to house their Agent cloning program and to strategically overview the city.

    Green Bay

    The residential district of Pacific City which is ruled over by Los Muertos as La Mugre. The southern area of the district is primarily made up of apartments complexes and public services such as a gym and an amusement park, whereas the north is primarily countryside which houses a coastal villa and lighthouse. Much of the city's tourism is focused around this area.

    Hope Springs

    The industrial district of Pacific City is dominated by the Volk as the Den. The entire district is built around factories and power plants, while some parts of the southern area consist of bars and strip clubs.

    Unity Heights

    Also known as the Corridor, the commercial district of Pacific City is Shai-Gen territory. This district has a distinct post-modern look and is home to many skyscrapers, office buildings and luxurious accommodations.


    Agency Tower

    The tallest and most distinguishable landmark in the city, the Agency Tower can be viewed from any location in Pacific City. It was originally constructed as a luxury hotel for wealthy tourists and citizens, and now functions as the Agency's main headquarters.

    By the events of Crackdown 2, the Agency Tower has been modified to suit the needs of a new batch of Agents deployed onto the streets to suppress the Freak virus.

    Wang's Tower

    Also known as the Tower, Wang's skyscraper is the second largest building in Crackdown. It acts as the main base of operations for the Shai-Gen kingpin, Zuang Lun Wang. The entire skyscraper is full of guards and traps that can kill novice Agents quickly. Since the front entrance is heavily guarded by gang members, the best route into the skyscraper is by scaling other surrounding buildings and intercepting the Tower from the middle floor onwards.

    As with many buildings in Crackdown 2, Wang's Tower has been partially destroyed due to the crisis between the Agency & Cell resistance members.


    • The city's location is unknown, as it is never directly mentioned in-game. However it is suggested that it is situated somewhere in North America. Cars drive on the right side of the road, and the main currency used is dollars.
    • Much of Pacific City's main services, such as police and public transport, were halted due to the extreme presence of gangs. This explains why such services rarely, or never, appear in Crackdown.
      • The city's bus depot is a hideout used by the Volk but some coaches may appear on the freeway, regardless of Agency presence at the bus depot.
      • Much of the police force of Pacific City became Agency peacekeepers sometime before the events of Crackdown.
    • When the city's gangs are eliminated from each district, gang posters and signs of gang warfare (etc. bullets & bloodstains) on the streets will be removed until the gangs are resurrected.

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