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    Packie McReary

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    Patrick "Packie" McReary is the first McReary you meet in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is the youngest McReary brother of the McReary Irish crime family.

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    Packie McReary is a Irish thug and the heir to the struggling Liberty City Irish mob. Packie lives in Purgatory with his mother and his sister, Kate. He is the brother of Gerry, Derrick and police commissioner Francis. Packie has never left the confines of Liberty City, however he hopes to one day be able to travel back to his family's homeland of Ireland.


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    Niko meets Packie after the two of them work together on a job for Elizabeta. After meeting Packie, Niko becomes heavily involved with the McReary family, working for Packie and his brothers Gerry and Derrick and even dating their sister, Kate. Through decisions made from the story, Packie's family members could all be effectively taken away from him due to Niko. It is even possible for Packie and his mother could end up as the last remaining members of the family by the end of the game. Despite all of this, Packie remains a friend to Niko throughout the entire story, even if he is not always directly involved in what is going on.


    • Harboring a Grudge
    • Waste Not Want Knots
    • Three Leaf Clover
    • Undertaker

    Other Mission Appearances

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    • Luck of the Irish
    • Tunnel of Death
    • Ransom
    • She's a Keeper
    • Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
    • Out of Commission (Revenge)

    The Ballad of Gay Tony

    • I Luv LC.
    • Ladies Night
    • Ladies Half Price

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Patrick McReary as seen in GTA V.
    Patrick McReary as seen in GTA V.

    Appears as a NPC in a random event on the street. If you help him he will become avalible as a potential crew member for heists.

    • Getaway Driver
    • The Jewel Store Job (if chosen)
    • The Paleto Score (if chosen)
    • The Bureau Raid (if chosen)
    • The Big Score (if chosen)


    • Packie is voiced by Ryan Johnston.

    GTA IV

    • If you reach a high enough status with Patrick you can call him to order car bombs. Unlocking this ability nets you the Dial B for Bomb Achievement for Xbox 360.
    • If you get the right camera angle you can see into Patrick's head. There is a small box with skull's on it.
    • Packie makes a cameo appearence in The Lost and Damned's credits.

    GTA V

    • When randomly encountering Packie as Trevor, the player can take him to the Altruist Cult where he mentions how he used to hate going bowling and playing darts in Liberty City, but says he does miss it after spending so much time in Los Santos.

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