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    Padok Wiks

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    Padok Wiks is the Salarian scientist in Mass Effect 3 that takes Mordin's place if he died in Mass Effect 2.

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    Padok Wiks, a Salarian scientist within the STG on Sur'Kesh, briefly joins the crew of the Normandy SR-2 to help develop the genophage cure if Mordin Solus died during the events of Mass Effect 2. Like Mordin, he is successfully able to develop the cure from the cells of Eve, a cured female Krogan. However, Wiks is not nearly as talented in the field of genetic engineering and is unable to stabilize Eve, before she succumbs to her decreased immune system.

    Wiks was a colleague of Mordin Solus prior to the events of Mass Effect 2 while they were in STG together. While Mordin was involved in the genophage research, Padok was researching many of the lesser species of the galaxy to determine if they should or shouldn't be "uplifted" as they had done with the Krogan a millenia ago.

    The fate of Wiks is determined by a number of factors. If a cure for the genophage is successfully dispersed to the Krogan of Tuchanka, he sacrifices his life to accomplish it. However, if Commander Shepard wishes to prevent the cure from happening, s/he will be forced to convince Wiks to disappear or kill him on the spot.


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