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    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 29, 2007

    Launch your character from a gigantic slingshot and cause as much pain and destruction as possible in the city. In October 2010 a patch for Move support was released.

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    Game Modes

    Single Player

    PAINdemonium - This is the basic sandbox mode that places you in your human slingshot in different locations of the level. The 4 different setups are PAINdemonium, Block Party, Aftermath, and Demolition. Only PAINdamonium is available at the start and each is unlocked by performing a different task on each level.

    Spank the Monkey - The mode places monkeys in different places in the level and requires you hit each monkey in the fastest time possible. There are 4 difficulty levels, and the last difficulty is only unlocked when you obtain platinum medals in the 3 previous difficulties.

    Mime Toss - This mode implements the grab function where you grab a hovering mine in front of your launcher and are tasked with hitting panes of glass with the mime. You are awarded medals for the amount of time you take t break every pane of glass. There are 4 difficulty levels, and the last difficulty is only unlocked when you obtain platinum medals in the 3 previous difficulties.

    Fun With Explosives - You have 2 turns to launch your player into an explosive box scattered city and you're tasked with hitting as many boxes as you possibly can. There are 4 difficulty levels, and the last difficulty is only unlocked when you obtain platinum medals in the 3 previous difficulties.


    Fun With Explosives - 2-4 players - This game plays the same as the single player mode, except you are trying to beat the score of the player before you. As soon as someones score can't be beat, that player wins.

    Bowling - 2 players - This game plays the same as regular bowling, except your player is the ball aimed at oversized pins. The non-bowling player is given 3 "distractions" to shoot off as the other player bowls. The distractions combined with the idea of OOCHing back to the pins when you pass them creates a very intense multiplayer mode.

    HORSE - 2-4 players - Once again, the game plays the same as the basketball version of HORSE with a twist. The first player hits and object and then obtains the highest score possible. The next player must first hit that same object then obtain a higher score than the previous player. A letter is given out if the high score is not beaten. The first player the give HORSE (or whatever word you pick. There are no dirty word filters ;) ) to every other player wins.


    PAINdemonium levels

    • Unlock Aftermath - Score 1.5 million points in the original PAINdemonium mode
    • Unlock Block Party - Grab the granny and leave her laying on the subway tracks. The subway will eventually come, run her over, and unlock Block Party
    • Unlock Demolition - Bomb the bikini girl 5 times. On the building directly in front of you, there is a grab bomb. Aim directly for it at a high angle, land on top of it and grab it. Super ooch to the left toward the girl talking to the police officer and directly bomb here. If successful, you will get the "Collateral Damage" message. Do this 5 times to unlock Demolition.


    • Ice Tea - Get 50 shots to the junk in the game.
    • The Dude - Play a complete game of bowling in multiplayer 12 times.
    • Ed the Cow - Blow up the mascot 12 times. In Downtown, grab the bomb just to the left of the launcher. This should blow up the box underneath, launching you into the air. Ooch toward the mascot on the right and bomb him. Rinse and repeat 12 times.

    Downloadable Content

    • Characters - $0.99 - There are many characters for download, each with it's own soundset and styles. Very worth the money spent.
    • Fun With Explosives Single Player - FREE - Due to popular demand, this pack gives you Fun with Explosives mode for single player. Best of all it's free.
    • Amusement Park - $5.99

    PAIN Labs, a Boom Blox type of setup will be added to the game and will be updated in an unannounced set of time. If something that the dev designed is so crazy they HAVE to show the masses, then you'll see the mini level here.

    It is also rumored a zombie will be added for 99 cents and possible celebrity launch-ees for a premium price.


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