Anyone else thinking about getting this?

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#1 Posted by Sanity (2151 posts) -

When i first saw this i was wondering what they were thinking, after all the Painkiller series has been shit after the original and its expansion. But seeing that this is basically a better version of the kick ass original i may just get it. I remember playing the hell out of Painkiller when it came out and to this day i still dont think anything has come close to it in terms of the old run and gun genre, i just hope the developer doesn't screw it up as i'v never heard of them and it looks like People Can Fly has nothing to do with it.

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#2 Posted by Nijntje1971 (169 posts) -

I get it when it's on sale. I already own and played the original so no immediate need, but I like to see the game in 'HD' mode. Screenshot are very cool and detailled compared to the original. But full price: no.

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#3 Posted by destruktive (1116 posts) -

As my favorite part of the original Painkiller was how fluent the controls worked and playing 1on1 matches, I kinda want to see how the multiplayer pans out first. Maybe this is the thing that makes me go back to that kind of online play. Probably not :(

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#4 Posted by ShaggE (8448 posts) -

I'll wait. I've been burned by every expansion and spinoff, so no more blind buys from this franchise for me.

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#5 Posted by BoOzak (1796 posts) -

Well I own 3 different versions of the game so why stop there. (never touched the spinoffs) The only thing that bothers me from what they've shown is the ragdoll, which seems alittle off. I'm still surprised that this series fell as far as it did. I mean how hard is it to make a doom clone that doesnt suck?

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#6 Posted by CircleNine (411 posts) -

With only 14 out of 34 possible levels from the original game and Battle out of Hell expansion (where they're getting the levels in the game from) in it, no, I didn't preorder it. I'll wait and see how the DLC situation works out with it and how much it'll actually end up costing to get a full game out of it and not the 4 hours that reviews are saying that it lasts. $20 can buy a lot more than 4 hours worth of game, especially when that 4 hours is just a remake/reimagining/port/update or whatever they ended up actually calling this.

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#7 Posted by JSwan13 (354 posts) -

The quicklook really sold me on it, it seems like a nice time-waster.

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