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    The Painter is the first of the final three bosses in Castle Crashers.  Little is know about him, other than the fact that he works for the Evil Wizard and has a lunchbox where his head should be.


    The boss fight with The Painter consists of two patterns.  At the start he will lower down on a platform, gloat at the player, paint an enemy that comes to life and return to where he came from.  The paintings, which vary in size and speed, will move toward the payer, explode on contact and disappear, causing massive damage.  The only way to do away with these paintings are with ranged attacks, such as the bow or certain magic.  The Painter will repeat this process until he reaches below half of his health, which will bring him into a panic where he will frantically run around while his paintings pass by from either side.  Upon defeat he will claim "it must have been something I ate" and spew food everywhere.

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