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    Pallet Town

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    The starting area of the Pokemon adventure in Red, Blue, Yellow, Leaf Green, Fire Red, and anime versions.

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    The first town featured in Pokemon Red/Blue, Yellow, Fire Red/Leaf Green versions where the player's character and his rival were born. The town contains the player's house, the rival's house, and Professor Oak's lab. The northern route leads to Viridian City and the southern ocean route leads to Cinnabar Island. Venturing into the grass at the start of the game starts a scripted sequence in which Professor Oak warns the player to not enter tall grass without a Pokemon of their own. In his lab Professor Oak offers the player the Pokemon Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur in Red/Blue, Fire Red/Leaf Green versions, and Pikachu in Yellow Version. The player can also visit the town again in the sequels Pokemon Gold/Silver, and Crystal, though there is nothing much of interest in the small town then. In the anime, it is Ash Ketchum's hometown where he met the professor and Pikachu in the very first episode of the series.

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