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Pan the Pakapon desires only a piece of cafeteria meat. Should a player give him the meat, which is normally in surplus, Pan will awaken the Ubo Bon. The Ubo Bon is a huge living tree with an itching branches on his head that he refers to as his crown. Ubo asks the player to keep the pace of his song to help cleanse his crown, and then he begins to sing. By pressing the O button in rythym after the Ubo Bon plays each lyric, the player will be randomly rewarded if he succeeds after each lyric. The most common reward is a tree leaf, which represents no reward, but aside from that Ubo Bon drops plenty of wood-related items and occasionally some stone. When Ubo Bon is finished singing his song, if the player succeded in helping Pan play through most of the lyrics Ubo Bon will also give an extra reward. This extra reward is always something, and never a tree leaf. If a player succeeds in keeping pace with the entire song, Ubo Bon's crown (and heart) are cleansed.

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