Scandinavian pancakes

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Brown cheese? Wtf is that?

Scandinavian pancakes are made of: (dl is a metric volumeunit)

3 dl flour

3 eggs

6 dl milk

Mix ingredients, put in fridge for around 30 minutes.

Put some, not much, liquid butter/margarine in the mix.

Put some butter in a hot frying pan, apply a THIN layer of pancakemix.

Flip it when it's ready on one side. When both sides have a good color, put it on a plate.

Add strawberry jam and whipped cream, or raspberry jam, or boysenberry jam depending on individual taste.

Some enjoy a tablespoon of sugar in the mix before frying.

Oh, and don't try and be fancy and flip the pancake in the air unless you have a good teflon-coat in the pan.

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@jagenheim: Brown cheese (or mesost as it is sometimes known here in Sweden) is made from a mix of the whey from sheeps-, goats-, and cows-milk, which is boiled for a very long time. This boiling process turns the sugars in the milk into caramel which gives the brown cheese its color and taste. It has a sweet-sour taste, with a tang that is especially noticeable in the variants that have goats milk in it.

I guess it's technically not a cheese.

More info here:

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