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    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released 1989

    An arcade puzzle-platformer; also known as Buster Bros. Players must shoot the bouncing balls before they take over historical landmarks.

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    Pang, or Buster Bros./Pomping World, is a puzzle-action Arcade game where players are tasked with destroying balls or balloons that are terrorizing famous landmarks. The balls have a predictable path as they hop across the stage, but each will burst into smaller and harder to hit balls and in greater numbers will quickly overwhelm players.

    The player has a single harpoon gun that fires straight up and will damage a ball that touches any part of the chain. However, the player cannot fire again until the harpoon has hit the ceiling or one of the balls, which can put them at a disadvantage if they misfire. The player can earn power-ups that increase the number of simultaneous harpoons or allow them to stick to the ceiling for a few seconds.

    Pang was originally released as an Arcade game by Capcom. It was later ported to a vast number of computers and consoles. The majority of the US versions were renamed Buster Bros., including the Arcade game. It saw a few sequels as well, like Super Pang (the first sequel) and Buster Buddies (the second sequel, also known as Pang 3!). Both Pang and its sequels appeared in a few Capcom compilation releases too, such as Capcom Puzzle World for PSP.


    The stages appear in the following order:


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