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Official name Panzerkampfwagen II, Intended as a light recon tank. It was developed as a stopgap solution before the Panzer III, it share many traits with the earlier Panzer I.  It was fast and mobile and its gun was effective against infantery and light vehicles, the gun was not sufficent to combat other tanks however and the armor could be penetrated even by light enemy tanks. It was used by the fascists in the Spanish civil war and was still in use by the time WW2 started as German tank production still had not met the demands in production of the newer tank types. 

In games

Its appearance in Call of Duty 2 is quite bizarre as the much heavier British tanks the player controls are shown as having to close with the vastly superior enemy tanks who appears to be either the Panzer I or II. In real life either of these tanks would be unable to damage any of the allied tanks in the game and would have been easily destroyed by them.

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