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    Burnout Paradise

    Game » consists of 27 releases. Released Jan 22, 2008

    Burnout Paradise turns the Burnout series on its head by moving from closed set tracks to an open world full of events to experience both alone and in a group online.

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    The fifth game in the Burnout series, Burnout Paradise makes a dramatic shift from the traditional Burnout formula by moving from a format of set races and closed tracks to Paradise City, an open world with events at nearly every intersection and a unique set of cooperative multiplayer challenges.


    "Welcome to Paradise".

    In the single-player mode, players earn upgraded licenses by completing events: Point-to-point races; "Road Rage" challenges (in which the player must wreck a predetermined number of cars within the time limit); "Marked Man" challenges (in which the player must reach a destination without being wrecked by opposing vehicles); Stunt runs (in which the player must execute tricks and accrue points within a time limit); and "Burning Route" challenges (in which the player must use a specified vehicle to reach a predetermined destination within a time limit). Completing a set number of events gives the player a new license and an additional car. Other unlockable cars occasionally show up on the roads around Paradise City. When not in an event, the player can earn these cars by catching up to them and running them off the road.

    Online, the player can participate in standard point-to-point races or engage in any of 300 cooperative challenges. These challenges force players to work together on a variety of tasks, such as drifting a set distance, crashing into each other in mid-air over a specific jump, meeting at a specified location to perform stunts.

    In addition to these set tasks, there are also hidden shortcuts to find, billboards to break, and super jumps from which the player can launch their vehicle. Finding all of the game's hidden items unlocks several additional vehicles (one for each type of hidden item). The game also has a competitive leaderboard that monitors the player's time on every road in the game. A new destruction-based mode, "Showtime", also makes its debut in Burnout Paradise. This mode replaces the puzzle-like crash mode of the previous games and effectively lets the player start a large, slow-motion crash anywhere in Paradise City. Damage totals are also stored and compared against friends for each road in the game.

    Free Updates

    The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have all received multiple updates and free downloads. Each one of these was released as a download on each platform's marketplace but each new download includes all content from previous packs so only the most recent patch is required to play online and access all content. What this means is that Burnout Paradise 1.6 includes all released content and so any previous packs such as the Bike and Cagney updates can be deleted. The free DLC is also required to play online, this is due to the Premium content being included as a part of the free download meaning.

    Patch #1: Codename: Astaire (1.1)

    Release date: January 22, 2009

    This fixed a firewall and security bug, a problem encountered online which was discovered in the demo. It helped a number of people trying to get online and repeatedly getting kicked out of games due to connection errors.

    Patch #2 Codename: Bogart (1.2)

    Release date: April 18, 2008 (Xbox 360) & April 24, 2008 (PlayStation 3)

    This was an update which corrected most of the bugs that got by in testing. Some of these include:

    • The game indefinitely displays "Connecting to Paradise City Servers" if it's having problems communicating with the rebroadcast server.
    • Disconnecting the controller before a race begins can mean that race timings can be manipulated with players who didn't cross the line first being awarded the win.
    • East Crawford and Watt St achievements cannot be achieved if the player goes online and sets road rules before attempting them.
    • Enhanced 360 streaming performance stops instances where the game seems to pause for a second or so.
    • VoIP connection problems with 8 player games. This is now live on the Paradise City servers.
    • Increase online race timer timeout so players have a greater chance of finishing the race.
    • Fixing a drifting bug when drifting and boosting. There wasn't any real control on the brake so players would grind around the walls of the corners. Giving players all better control of the car.
    • Increase Picture Paradise timer so it doesn't kick in so quickly.
    • Shows players the number of Complete Challenges easily by listing X/50 in the Challenges menu.

    Patch #3: Codename Cagney (1.3)

    Release date: July 10, 2008 (PlayStation 3) & August 4, 2008 (Xbox 360)

    3 New Freeburn Game Modes:

    Road Rage: Up to 8-player team event. One team must race through a series of Paradise City checkpoints. The other team must stop them.

    Cue incredible chases and battling through the city, tons of voice communication as players co-ordinate their efforts.

    Stunt Run (vs): Pull stunts to score points - hit barriers, billboards and ramps; ace barrel rolls, flat spins and massive airtime to score big. Everybody competes to simultaneously reach the biggest total. Players hit their rivals to beat their scores and gain multipliers.

    Marked Man: A player is selected at random and everyone gangs up to take them down. The Marked Man scores for reaching the end point intact and taking anyone down along the way.

    70 New Freeburn Challenges

    • 70 new timed multi-part Freeburn Challenges
    • Leaderboards for challenges that log players' best times (as well as people with whom the player competed with)


    • Hunter Olympus
    • Nakamura Rai-Jin Turbo

    New liveries

    • Rossolini Tempesta Dream
    • Two fan-created liveries – the Oval Steel Racer and Inferno Hippie Van
    • Two secret Criterion liveries.

    Ranked Race Changes

    • Custom Routes are no longer featured in competition races - players can choose from 40 predefined Paradise Drives – 7 came from fans, 10 more came from the team. Each have their own time leaderboard.
    • Traffic can no longer be switched off in competition races
    • No more ‘rounds’ in competition racing
    • Cars can be grouped by Boost Rating - the hosting player can limit the cars available based on the Boost Speed of the car.
    • Car Select now appears after the Race Route has been selected - Switching to single races also allows us to make sure everyone gets to see the route before the car select. The host can't make sure they're the only one who knows the route, and now everyone gets a chance to choose an appropriate car.
    • The host can't kick other players any more. In the future there will be a simple vote system that allows the host to vote to kick someone - they'll still need a majority decision from the remaining players for the kick to activate.
    • Grid position is based on player ranking - In the past, the very first grid was set randomly. Now, the grid's based on ranking with the highest ranked player at the back.
    • Full Boost Bars - All cars have full boost off the grid.
    • Rank and Ranking Points are displayed in game.
    • New map icons differentiate the Start and Finish points.

    Custom Soundtracks

    • Custom Soundtrack support on PS3

    Other high-priority fixes and updates

    • If players are in a three or more player challenge and a player drops out, the remaining players can still complete it (subject to it being a challenge that can handle this).
    • "Previously" section on the search games list now displays Challenges, Today's Best, and Freeburn game modes - making it easier to decide which game to join.
    • Players can now view Leaderboards and Options in an online game.
    • Players can now mute other online players in the show players screen.
    • Players can now mute themself if they have a PS3 Eye/Eye toy.
    • Increased time-out for online races, and if all players complete the races within the timer, then players go straight to results.
    • The Airfield has been changed to help with the drivability of the area and make it a little easier to complete the hoop challenges.
    • Online cars now show damage.
    • Added a stronger display message if players rule all of Today's Best.
    • The Easy Drive menu & Challenges page now loops from top to bottom.
    • Fixed the navigation system so that it takes into account the next check point in a race.
    • All new sound effects added for Easy Drive.
    • Driving backwards in Road Rage now ends the event as it does in Marked Man.
    • 1080i support for "almost HD" sets - PS3 only.
    • Improved the Standard Definition rendering on PS3.

    Patch #4: The Bike Pack (1.4)

    Burnout Bikes.
    Burnout Bikes.

    Release date: September 18, 2008

    • Playable motorcycles, including male/female driver (which disappears during a crash), very detailed animations, no boost bar.
    • Two bikes unlocked from the start (the FV1100 street bike and the Japanese Firehawk racing bike), two available to unlock.
    • Separate bike license.
    • The last bike players unlock is faster than any car in the game.
    • Players can't do any aerial stunts off ramps.
    • 70 challenges specially for bikes, 35 of these are timed, multi-part challenges which include: everyone doing wheelies on the same road for the same time; get from point A to B in a certain time; and get a number of near misses on one road.
    • New various of timed Burnout Routes for bikes; Burning Rides during the day and Midnight Rides once the sun has set. These routes feature multiple checkpoints take will players all over the city.
    • Change between cars and bikes in the junkyard.
    • Online players are locked to whatever type of vehicle (car/bike) the host is driving.
    • Day/night cycle includes game changing features
    • Players can change the duration of day/night cycle from between 24 minutes to 24 hours, players can jump to whatever time players want and can freeze it on a certain time. Online hosts will have these options as well.
    • Daytime lasts from 8am to 8pm, night challenges available after the sun goes down, night and day time road rules for bikes
    • Atmospheric weather changes including fog, haze, overcast which are randomized
    • Online players have their time of day and weather conditions synced to the host
    • Additional fixes for world bugs found by the team

    Patch #5: The Trophies Pack (1.5)

    Release date: September 25, 2008 (PS3 Only)

    The Trophies Patch added 64 trophies to the game, which were not retroactive and required players to start a new game to start achieving. Subsequent premium updates added more trophies to the game for users who purchased the content.

    Patch #6: Burnout 1.6 Update

    Release date: February 5, 2009

    • Addition of in-game browser for PC and PS3 that allows players to access the Criterion Games Network which displays news and information about the game.
    • An in-game store to all versions of the game to allow users to buy content directly without having to exit the game.
    • Several Interface changes.
    • Improved vehicle handling.
    • Challenges balanced to be more accessible.
    • A restart option to allow players to try again either during the challenge or after failing. This option is part of the D-pad menu and so does not happen automatically.
    • Stunt run timer modified to be more accessible to new players.
    • Graphics improved to appear more vibrant.

    Patch #7: Burnout 1.7 Update

    Release date: February 19, 2009

    This patch allows the purchase of the Legendary Car Pack. People with this patch will only be able to play online with people who also have the patch.

    Patch #8: Burnout 1.8 Update

    Release date: April 30, 2009

    • Introduced the Cops and Robbers Pack
    • GT Nighthawk PlayStation 3 Trophy bugfix
    • Game freezing on the start line of an online ranked race bugfix
    • Not being able to select purchased vehicles in the Junkyard bugfix
    • Smashes and billboards resetting after playing the Party Mode bugfix

    Patch #9: Burnout 1.9 Update

    Release date: June 11, 2009

    This patch allows the purchase of the Big Surf Island.

    Premium DLC

    Downloadable Versions

    Sony released a downloadable version of Burnout Paradise on 25 September 2008 for $19.99 on the PlayStation Network. This version included all the free updates up to the date it was released and works exactly like the retail version of the game allowing the addition of paid DLC.

    On 5 February 2009 Sony released a version of Burnout Paradise on PlayStation Network called Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Bundle. This re-release contains all of the free updates as well as the Party Pack premium DLC for $29.99. The boxed version was released in European regions only for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. On August 11, 2009, Microsoft released Burnout Paradise as a part of their new feature "Games on Demand" for $19.99.

    Party Pack

    The Party Pack adds some style to Burnout Paradise.
    The Party Pack adds some style to Burnout Paradise.

    Release date: February 5, 2009

    Price: $10 (800 MS Points)

    This first paid DLC is focused on local multiplayer content and allows players to compete in challenges where they take turns to achieve a goal. Challenges are split into "Speed", "Stunt" and "Skill" with up to 8 rounds per game and 8 separate players able to compete at one time.

    Legendary Cars Pack

    Release date: February 19, 2009

    Price: $8 (640 MS Points; all cars), $4 (320 MS Points; Jansen 88 Special), $2 (160 MS Points; other cars)

    This pack features 4 brand new cars based on vehicles from classic television and film:

    • Jansen 88 Special - based on the DeLorean from Back to the Future, this car leaves burning tire tracks and is able to hover, but not to travel through time.
    • Hunter Manhattan Spirit - based on Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters.
      The Manhattan Spirit
      The Manhattan Spirit
    • Carson GT Nighthawk - based on KITT from the TV series Knight Rider complete with pulsing lights on the bonnet.
    • Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger - based on The General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard and features the distinctive horn.

    The cars can be bought individually or as a complete bundle at a reduced cost.

    Time Savers Pack

    Release date: February 19, 2009

    Price: $5 (400 MS Points)

    Allows players to unlock all cars without having to play through the game first.

    Toys Pack

    Toy cars are coming to Paradise City
    Toy cars are coming to Paradise City

    Release date: March 5, 2009

    Price: $13 (1,000 MS Points; all cars), $6 (460 MS Points; Toys 1 / Toys 2), $2 / $3 (160 / 240 MS Points; individually all cars / Nakamura Firehawk)

    Features 9 vehicles which include mini versions of some of the cars featured in the original game.

    • Toy Nakamura Firehawk (Bike)

    Toys 1

    Toy 2

    • Toy Hunter Takedown 4x4
    • Toy Carson GT Concept
    • Toy Carson Inferno Van
    • Toy Hunter Citizen

    Boost Specials

    Release date: March 12, 2009

    Price: $8 (640 MS Points) or $5 (400 MS Points) for an individual car

    Consists of the two fastest cars in the game, the Hawker Mech and Carson Extreme Hot Rod. These cars have new handling, boost and drift systems that are more realistic than any of the other cars in the game. The Hawker Mech is able to switch between the three regular boost types at will, while the Carson Extreme Hot Rod has a "locked" boost; once the boost starts, it cannot stop until the car crashes.

    Cops and Robbers

    Release date: April 30, 2009

    Price: $10 (800 MS Points)

    The Cops and Robbers pack brings players 33 all new police cars to roam Paradise City in, all themed off of international police cars. The pack also makes the online Cops and Robbers game mode available. In this 4 (Cops) v 4 (Robbers) game, each team chases after a block of gold that is randomly spawned at a location on the map. The cops must get the gold and return it to the Country Club, and the robbers must get it and return it to the docks. To make the game more intense takedowns were made easier to get and the car carrying the gold with handle worse and drive slower.

    Island Pack

    Big Surf Island.
    Big Surf Island.

    Release date: June 11, 2009

    Price: $12.50 (1000 MS Points), $12.99 on PSN

    This was originally planned as a small area to the east of the original game map to be released as free content; however Criterion reworked their ideas and the content has grown considerably into a complete new island called "Big Surf Island". The developers stated that the new area will focus on the playground aspect of Burnout with many parts of the environment that the player can interact with.

    • 9 New Cars
    • 15 Events
    • 10 Freeburn Challenges
    • 12 Road Rules
    • 75 Island Smashes
    • 45 Island Billboards
    • 15 Island Mega Jumps

    Players unlock all 9 cars by completing different events on the Island. Four of the cars are toy versions of the legendary cars; Janson 88 Special, Hunter Manhattan Spirit, Carson GT Nighthawk, Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger. Another two of the cars that come with the Island are dune buggies that are perfect cars for jumping off the big jumps on the island. Players can also unlock the Hunter Olympus Governor, which is a new version of a previously released online-only car, the Olympus. By getting 100% in the island, players unlock the Carson Annihilator Street Rod, which is an incredibly fast car when boosting. The ninth and final car included in this pack is the Diamond P12, which only unlocks if players complete all 500 online challenges.


    • Adam And The Ants - Stand And Deliver
    • Agent Blue - Snowhill
    • Airborne - Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
    • Alice In Chains - Would?
    • Army Of Me - Going Through Changes
    • Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend
    • B’z - FRICTION
    • Brain Failure feat. Dicky Barrett - Coming Down To Beijing
    • Brand New - The Archers Bows Have Broken
    • Bromheads Jacket - Fight Music For The Fight
    • Depeche Mode - Route 66 (Beatmasters Mix)
    • Faith No More - Epic
    • Guns N’ Roses - Paradise City
    • Innerpartysystem - Heart Of Fire
    • Jane’s Addiction - Stop!
    • Jimmy Eat World - Electable (Give It Up)
    • Junkie XL feat. Lauren Rocket - Cities In Dust
    • Jupiter One - Fire Away
    • Kerli - Creepshow
    • Killswitch Engage - My Curse
    • LCD Soundsystem - Us V. Them
    • Make Good Your Escape - Beautiful Ruin
    • Maxeen - Block Out The World
    • Mexicolas - Come Clean
    • N.E.R.D. - Rockstar (Jason Nevins Mix)
    • Never Heard Of It - Finger On The Trigger
    • Operator - Nothing To Lose
    • Permanent ME - Until You Leave
    • Saosin - Collapse
    • Seether - Fake It
    • Senses Fail - Calling All Cars
    • Showing Off To Thieves - Everyone Has Their Secrets
    • Skybombers - It Goes Off
    • Soundgarden - Rusty Cage
    • Sugarcult - Dead Living
    • Swervedriver - Duel
    • The Photo Atlas - Red Orange Yellow
    • The Pigeon Detectives - I’m Not Sorry
    • The Styles - Glitter Hits (J.J. Puig Mix)
    • Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock

    Burnout Paradise also features 30 tracks made by Criterion from previous Burnout Games.

    Burnout 1

    • Tokyo Nights
    • Bulldozer Blues
    • Round and Rounder
    • Lyon
    • Like My Shirt
    • Halfway to Dreaming
    • Free
    • Fight or Flight
    • Exodus
    • Caught on a Wire
    • Chicken George

    Burnout 2

    • Burnout 2002 Reprise
    • Pass Me By
    • Panic Attack
    • Dark Moon Rising
    • Childish Games
    • Destroyer Mix
    • Bridge the Gap
    • Backlash
    • A Photograph

    Burnout 3

    • Ozone (Title Track)
    • 16 Years On
    • Another World
    • Betties Last Voyage
    • Liquid Sky
    • Red Sky Horizon
    • Shine
    • Take Cover
    • Tonight This Ends

    Burnout Paradise

    • Burnout Paradise Theme (Original Title Track)

    Classical Music

    The Cagney update also added classical music into the game.

    • Bach - Air on the G String
    • Bach - Minuet
    • Ave Maria
    • Léo Delibes - Flower Duet from Lachme
    • Mozart - EinekleineNachtmusik
    • Tchaikovsky - Dance Of The Mirlitons
    • Camille Saint-Saëns - The Carnival of the Animals (Aquarium)
    • Mozart - Horn Concerto #4
    • Tchaikovsky - Sleeping Beauty (Waltz)
    • Verdi - Hebrew Slaves (Nabucco)
    • Dvorák - Symphony #9
    • Debussy - Clair de Lune
    • Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata 1st Movement
    • Mozart - Piano Concerto #21
    • Handel - Water Music Suite No. 1 (Air)
    • Camille Saint-Saëns - The Carnival of the Animals (Swan)
    • Georges Bizet - Carmen (Habanera)
    • Mozart - 3rd Horn Concerto 3rd Movement
    • Verdi - Triumphal March (Aida)
    • Handel - Water Music Suite #2 in D major
    • Brahms - Hungarian Dance #5
    • Vivaldi - The Four Seasons (Spring 1st Movement)

    Xbox 360 Installation

    Burnout Paradise requires 3.4 GB of space to install on an Xbox 360 HDD. When installed, the initial load-time of the game is approximately 8 seconds shorter.

    Xbox 360 Games on Demand

    On August 11, 2009, Burnout Paradise became available on the Xbox 360's Games on Demand service. It costs $19.99 or 1600 Microsoft Points.

    PC System Requirements


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Pentium 4 @ 2.8 GHz (3.2 GHz for Vista)
    • Memory: 1 GB (1.5 GB for Vista)
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB Free
    • Video Memory: 128 MB (Shader Model 3.0 )
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
    • DirectX: 9.0c or 10
    • Other: Keyboard & Mouse, DVD Rom Drive internet connection.

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