Anyone else having problems?

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I downloaded Papers, Please for Steam today, and I'm having problems running. When I start the game, the screen flashes, and every on screen asset just becomes my mouse cursor. Anyone else having problems like that, and know of a fix? I checked the steam forums and the website, but nothing.

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I've fixed odd Steam problems in the past by disabling the in-game overlay in the Steam settings menu. You could try that.

Other than that, maybe try deleting the files and redownloading/installing.

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I'm having the exact same problem - I cannot find a fix for it. What graphics card are you using? (ATI 4850 here.)

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No problems here comrade, but I'm running the DRM free version. If you buy it direct from their site it's the same price and you get the download version plus a Steam key.

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What it looks like for me:

Yep, I'm having the same issue. Just bought the game. I have an ATI Radeon 2600 so that could be the issue. I'll try disabling Steam overlay.

Sounds like this is the solution on the site:

[WINDOWS] The game starts but the graphics are all garbled and it soon crashes.

This is likely because your video card drivers do not have hardware OpenGL support. The game requires OpenGL 1.4 in order to run and was designed to check this requirement when starting up in order to print a useful error message. Unfortunately, this check doesn't work properly and the game will start up only to show garbled graphics. You can try updating your drivers to get the latest OpenGL support, but Windows 8 makes this difficult for many older video cards. Unfortunately, those cards are not supported by the game and there's nothing I can do to remedy this

Looks like this is a possible fix:

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This also happens on Surface Pros, and there's currently no workaround. That's a real shame, because this game would be awesome on a touch device.

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