Berlin Wall Mod (For Beta Currently)

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Hello all,

I just created a mod for this amazing game "Papers, Please!"

I have put a good amount of effort into it. Unfortunately some things are not moddable (Date, Speaker text, "Glory to Arstotzka" at the bottom of the handbook). No major graphical changes have been done, just name replacements and such. It's not exactly "accurate" to the period, but it's representable of it.

I know it's a little late to be making a mod for a game thats final beta is nearly 3 months old now, however, I was only told about this game a few days ago. Maybe I'll do a complete mod when the game is out on steam. For now, we have this.

Main Features-

  • Changed graphics for correct names (a couple of them weren't completed; if anyone would like to submit some, feel free)
  • Story about new checkpoint opened in Berlin (fictional checkpoint, as I'm fairly certain no new one was opened in 1982)
  • New characters.
  • More randomized than original story.
  • Brothel story changed a bit, find a new way to detain the Pimp.
  • New pins are possible to obtain in the course of 8 days.
  • The level of difficulty is a lot harder than the original story.
  • More secret terrorists.
  • New rules.
  • Alterted/New dialogue.
  • Removed Ezio story and put in a new one.
  • A few small changes here and there.
  • No major changes to the gameplay until Day 4, really.


  • Later in the story, when you are forced to fingerprint all West Berliners, you will get a strange citation if you approve them, even after checking their fingerprints. To avoid this, inspect both fingerprint sheets to make sure they say "matching data" (or not!). Then proceed to let them through.
  • "Maxium visits of no more than 2 weeks". To interrogate them, don't actually use this rule, it's just there to remind you. The citizens know this rule very well and will not be stupid enough to try to visit longer than 14 days. But they will try to trick you. Immigration is not permitted for West Germans, watch what they say and what their document actually says. (I actually tried to make the rule officially worked but was unable to, so this will have to do)
  • Passports don't say what state the West Germans are from. How will I detect invalid issuing cities? That event is very rare until the last 2 days. There's a lot of rules towards the end specifically on West Berliners, sometimes their passport will say West Berlin, but you can't interrogate them for it. This is because their issuing city is invalid. Also, sometimes, the issuing city may be from East Germany. Many citizens trying to pass with an invalid issuing city are suicide bombers, and as there is no way to detain them for this, simply deny them entry.
  • Keep an eye out for a few little secrets to get a couple new pins that you normally couldn't obtain. Some old characters that I left in have new dialogue. And some of those may have new secrets.



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