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Maybe More Important Than We Realise. 0

Papers Please is a masterpiece in recreating the modern mundaity of work and its dehumanising effects on us in a modern era of targeted workflows and admin jobs. It managed to make me think about what a game can be , what my attitude towards my working life is and the hierarchies of families. The truly incredible thing is it achieved all this while still somehow managing to deliver a game experience that was still a game and most importantly, fun to play.As a brief setup you play as a b...

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Why You Should Buy Papers, Please 0

It is 1982, it is almost winter. The 6 year long war with Kolechia is over. You have won a labor lottery for a job at the newly created border checkpoint, you will be able to feed your family and keep them warm if you work hard and diligently enough. Efficiency is key. You will learn how to quickly read passports and faces, entry tickets and visas, fingerprints, rule books, body scans for smuggled weaponry and contraband. You will learn who to let into your country and who to turn away, who to a...

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Papers Please - Remember the whiskey 0

Papers Please is one of those games which on the face of it is easy to explain - you play the role of a border crossing guard, who checks the passports and documents of immigrants. The subtleties of the game however are harder to describe. The simple art style with washed out colours and the oppressive music all add to an atmosphere which is rather depressing, as you battle with the balance of doing your job right, taking bribes, feeding your family and deciding whether or not to undermine the ...

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Spontaneous intrigue spices up tiresome routine 0

There is a bit of Oregon Trail here, maybe some Law of the West. This dystopian document thriller is occasionally thrilling, but almost always engaging. Lucas Pope’s Papers, Please has an intense focus we don’t often see anymore. It buds with simplicity and flowers into a perpetually tedious mess.Set in a parallel 1980s, its fictional world brings to mind the Berlin Wall, the Cold War and the Soviet Union. You are an inspector running a checkpoint between the two formerly war torn nations of Ars...

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Tedious after a while, but the story and events are interesting 0

I just finished getting all the achievements in this game after picking it up during the Steam Summer sale. The first play through was really entertaining, but by the end of my third play through it was pretty tedious. I played through the game 3 times and spent about 13 hours with itYou play as a border control checkpoint worker for the country of Arztotska, and Sovietesque dictatorship with an oppressive government. There is a revolutionary group named EZIZ opposed to the current Arztotska...

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Tactile Depression 0

Papers, Please is an observation based puzzle game set in the fictionally disheartening world of Arstotzka. You play as an inspector responsible for border control, patrolling for suspicious and fraudulent citizens trying to sneak their way into the country. Along the way, the mechanics get more challenging, the storyline both becomes more grey, and you’ll meet reoccurring characters that force you to make weighty decisions quickly. Choices are always meek and usually unforgiving.So how co...

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Welcome to Arstotzka! Papers, Please: Extrodinary events viewed through the eyes of the every-man. 0

The year is 1982, the world is in a state of political turmoil. Political unrest, Nationalism and discrimination are the norm. After a time of isolation, the [Great Nation of Arstotzka.] Once again opens its borders to for returning citizens and foreigners alike.This is not without its price, barbed wires, concrete walls and armed guards protect this narrow passage into the [Great Nation of Arstotzka] not afraid to use lethal force to enforce the party's directives.You play as the (un)fortunate ...

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Glory To Arstotzka! 0

November 23rd, 1982 - I lean forward and growl "NEXT!" into the copper microphone, I sit back as my voice echos throughout the grey, desolate landscape that is the Grestin Checkpoint on the Arstotzka Border. I greet my final visitor of the day with the phrase "Papers, Please", she slides her passport and entry permit onto my desk. While I get her to confirm her transit plans through the country, I am scanning her documents for any discrepancies. Her passport states that she is from Antegria but...

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A truly shocking game for 2013/2014 0

If a game like this manages to "break the box office" I am truly scared of what's to come in the future. This is a highly simplistic game that belongs on cell phones or on Playstation 1. Very bad graphics, boring and and less to do than in Candy Crush. Truly amazed that it is this highly recommended....

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