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Papetura is a point'n'click, adventure game that takes place in a fantasy world where everything is made out of paper. Evil forces gather and aim to burn all the world with fire. Player takes the role of Pape and Tura - two inhabitants of said paper world. Pape is a shy humanoid and Tura - a paper kitty cat. Those two are on a quest of saving their paper world, from destruction.

What makes Papetura stands out, is the fact that the whole game world and every part of it - is made out of actual paper, that the sole developer, Tomasz Ostafin, craft and arranges by hands, manually. Then the scenes and characters, are being scanned, imported into the game engine, and finally - rigged and animated.

The gameplay, puzzles and riddles take great inspiration from the genre classics, such as The Neverhood, Gobliiins, Samorost and Machinarium.

The game, except some minor bits of interface, are completely text-less and the game communicates with the player entirely via sketches and gestures.

Another worth mentioning aspect, is the sound and music design, done by, legendary at this point, Tomas Dvorak (Floex) - music and audio composer responsible for audio design of cult classics such as Samorost trilogy and Machinarium.

Papetura is being developed by one-person studio, Petums, using Unity game engine.


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