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    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 09, 2009

    PapiJump is a free game for the ios & android devices. You tilt your device back and forth to keep Papi from falling off the platforms.

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    This version of the game of the game contains only the basic game mode where the player used the accelerometer to move a ball (Mr. Papi)  up a chain of stationary platforms. PapiJump is free.

    PapiJump Plus  

    PapiJump Plus costs 99 cents and adds multiple new game modes in addition to the basic version included with the original.  These new game modes include:
    • Hard - In this mode, the speed of the upcoming platforms is immediately set to Fast, as opposed to gradually increasing like it does in Normal mode.
    • Fall - In this mode, platforms fall and disappear as soon as Mr. Papi jumps on them, making it impossible to return to an already used platform
    • Touch - Uses touch controls to directly control the ball as opposed to using the accelerometer
    • Right - Mr. Papi moves right as opposed to directly upward
    • Move - The platforms move left to right, making it harder to land on them
    • Down - Mr. Papi moves downwards as opposed to upwards, forcing the player to dodge platforms instead of jumping off them
    • Enemy - Enemies, such as hamburgers or the always nefarious angry-face block, chase Mr. Papi as he moves upwards. The player must defend Mr. Papi with fireballs.

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