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    Paradise City

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    Setting of Burnout Paradise. Seems to be designed for crazy street races and amazing crashes.

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    Paradise City pre-Big Surf Island
    Paradise City pre-Big Surf Island

    Paradise City is the fictional location where Burnout Paradise takes place. It is presumed to be somewhere in the United States, but it is unknown as to where exactly. Paradise City has a wide range of areas to visit, from a mountainous region to a beach. The city is divided into five different districts: Downtown Paradise, Harbor Town, Palm Bay Heights, Silver Lake, and White Mountain. Each of those districts also have several other small areas located inside of it.

    There is also a downloadable content pack for Burnout Paradise that includes Big Surf Island, an island located off of Paradise City. Burnout Paradise Remastered includes Big Surf Island for no additional charge.

    Downtown Paradise

    Downtown Paradise is the urbanest location in Paradise City. It contains many of the larger buildings (complete with many billboards) and a long stretch of highway I-88. Because of this, however, it is also one of the most crowded districts in Paradise City. Downtown Paradise contains 10 Super Jumps, 80 Smashes, 30 Billboards, and 7 Drive Thrus.


    • Downtown
    • Motor City
    • River City
    • Waterfront

    Harbor Town

    Harbor Town is another one of the more urban areas in Paradise City. Harbor Town contains the more naval buildings. While Harbor Town doesn't have as much traffic as Downtown Paradise, there still is quite a lot. Buses are much more widespread in Harbor Town, making it an ideal place for Showtime. Harbor Town contains 10 Super Jumps, 90 Smashes, 25 Billboards, and 8 Drive-Thrus.


    • Paradise Wharf
    • Park Vale
    • Rockridge Heights
    • South Bay

    Palm Bay Heights

    Palm Bay Heights is an urban location in Paradise City. Palm Bay Heights includes all of Big Surf Beach and a large portion of highway I-88. Palm Bay Heights also contains the country club, so besides that location, there is a lot of traffic. There are many ramps and jumps around Palm Bay Heights, making it a good location for stunt runs. Palm Bay Heights contains 10 Super Jumps, 50 Smashes, 20 Billboards, and 7 Drive-Thrus.


    • Big Surf
    • Ocean View
    • Twin Bridges
    • West Acres

    Silver Lake

    Silver Lake is a much more rural and mountainous area than the others (excluding White Mountain). There is very low traffic in this district, but there are many buses. Silver Lake contains many of Paradise City's ramps, making it a good place for a stunt run. Since many of the roads are straight, it also contains many races. Silver Lake contains 10 Super Jumps, 90 Smashes, 20 Billboards, and 5 Drive-Thrus.


    • Eastern Shore
    • Heartbreak Hills
    • Hillside Pass

    White Mountain

    White Mountain is the most rural location in Paradise City. It is mountainous, so it has a lot of ramps, jumps, shortcuts, and more, making it a great place for a stunt run. Not to mention that it has the Lone Peak Quarry, an amazing place to get a multiple barrel roll. White Mountain also has the Crystal Summit Observatory and the Lone Peak Stock Car Track. White Mountain has 10 Super Jumps, 90 Smashes, 25 Billboards, and 5 Drive-Thrus.


    • Crystal Summit
    • Lone Peaks
    • Sunset Valley

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