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    Paradise Falls

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    Paradise Falls is a slaver camp run by Eulogy Jones. The town controls the majority of slave purchases throughout the Capital Wasteland.

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     Concept art of Paradise Falls
     Concept art of Paradise Falls
    Paradise falls is a slaver city in the Capital Wasteland, headed by Eulogy Jones.  With a low enough Karma the Lone Wanderer can enter with no questions asked.  Otherwise, the player will be questioned as to their motives when entering the checkpoint entrance to the city.  The slaves have neck bracelets that keep them under control of the slaver overlords.  One of the slaves, Clover, can join the player on his or her quest.  Clover, along with Crimson, are Eulogy Jones personal slaves.  Oddly enough, some of the slaves have fingers on them when you kill them if you have the lawbringer perk, signifying that they are evil.  Some of the kids from Little Lamplight are slaves at Paradise Falls, and when freed, will give the player some goodwill in that town.  
    Paradise Falls is a popular destination for people wishing to get their karma up. All of the slavers are worth positive karma when they are killed, so players often pay a visit to the place and murder everyone for a good boost.




    • Bleak  (Slave)
    • Breadbox (Slave)
    • Bronson (Slave)
    • Carter (Slave)
    • Clover (One of Eulogy Jones Personal Slaves)
    • Crimson (One of Eulogy Jones Personal Slaves)
    • Frank (Bartender)
    • Miss Jeanette (Ghoul Slave)
    • Penny (Child Slave)
    • Rory Maclaren (Slave)
    • Sammy (Child Slave)
    • Squirrel (Child Slave)


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