Paradise Lost

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    An arcade fixed-gun adaptation of the 2005 first-person shooter Far Cry: Instincts, as players take out waves of mercenaries and mutants with numerous stationary turrets scattered throughout the island.

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    Paradise Lost is a fixed-gun shooter developed and released by Global VR (under license from Ubisoft) for arcades on April 30, 2007.

    An arcade spin-off of the Far Cry series of first-person shooters (and based on the 2005 game Far Cry Instincts, itself a remake of the original Far Cry), Paradise Lost has players (as Jack Carver) mowing down waves of mercenaries and mutants with numerous stationary turrets (along with grenades and rocket launchers) throughout a South Pacific archipelago.

    While it includes locales and characters from Far Cry Instincts, along with video clips of that game in its attract mode, Paradise Lost does not closely follow that game's plot and includes no story cutscenes.


    1. The Island (Easy) - Boss: Sarge
    2. Native Village (Easy) - Boss: Gunship
    3. The Fortress (Medium) - Boss: Chucker
    4. Rain Forest (Medium) - Boss: Soldier-X
    5. The Facility (Hard) - Boss: Crowe

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