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I'm a little surprised at how dead this game is on the site. Haven't played a tonne, but love what I've seen so far. It looks to be the approachable moba I've been waiting for, with some smart contributions to the genre.

Howitzer is my boy.

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@gutterkisser I am crazyleaves on PS4 and my Epic Account. Hit me up.

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@crazyleaves: Will do, I'm also Gutterkisser on both. Be warned, I'm in Aus - and bad at mobas - so I may not be the most ideal player to match with!

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LastKnown30 on PS4 and Adenosine61212 on Epic.

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XanthanGun on both PS4 and Epic Account. I'm not very good but it might be nice to team up with non randoms (though I've not done a PvP match yet). EU if that makes a difference :)

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Just got the game and playing on PC. My Epic Account name is streetninja.

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Playing on PC, my name is Shoney feel free to add me.

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donREDninja on PS4 (god I wish I could change that name)

shotgundonnie is EPIC account name

I'll get it set up on PC later on down the line, for the foreseeable future I'll be playing on PS4 though.

I really want to play with some real humans with whom I can communicate since this game seems to require that. I'll start adding you all tonight.

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Dewwar on PC

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