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I really liked what I saw in the Paragon video, but was a bit disappointed that we didn't get a ton of detail on the real money marketplace. Can someone who's in the game let me know how much it would cost to buy a mastery for a character in real cash? What other things are available to purchase besides masteries and skins? I assume card packs? How much do they cost?

Thanks for any info you can give.

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I have no clue but similar questions. I never actually played in beta and just now finally got to the thought again to check it out. I was surprised to see that it's not free to play. You have to buy founders pack to play game, it's currently $9.99 marked down from $20.

It says you get early access and master challenge for 3 heroes: sparrow, steel howitzer. I don't know if there are other heroes or not. They make a point to say that your account will not get wiped, but also clearly there will be more free to play chances at some later point.

I don;t mind paying money into a free game if I like it and have enjoyed my time , I have stupid outfits for heroes of the storm, I just would liek to play some ahead of time.

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@bofooq: Game technically is in a close beta and by buying the founders pack you get access to the closed beta. We can have the discussion if a game accepting real money transactions is technically a beta but that is what you get. From my understanding during the beta all gods are free (believe they have 12-15 characters now) for testing purposes but once the game goes live you may have to purchase your favorite god again.

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Characters Masteries currently cost 75,000 rep (earned by playing games ( I average about 6 to 8 thousand a match ) ). Or you can spend about $13.00. That being said currently there is not really a reason to buy the masteries as it just gives you a skin and a small amount of XP. I have spent about $30 beyond my initial $20 and used that for rep boosts so I can buy card packs more quickly. Overall beyond the initial investment in the founders pack you don't need to spend any money on it. I have because I have been having a real good time with it and I'm not a MOBA player so that says something. Look me up if you choose to go with it. My username on Epic is Shoney.

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