What are your thoughts on the new Paragon update?

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Hey what is peoples thaughts on the new update.

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I've only played a few games so far and it's made me quite sad. Going to power on through a bunch more and hope that it clicks, my initial impressions are that it's gone from being my personal GOTY to my top disappointment.

They made it less moba :(

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I love it. Travel mode and borked balance had me quit a few months ago, but I really dig the new map and changes. I had a little over 8 days played and stopped around khimera dropped and can't wait to play more tonight.

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As a shooter-first, MOBA-second kind of guy, the added speed is appreciated.

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It's installing right now. As a Dota fan, I never saw the purpose in Paragon. Seemed much too derivative of previous games to be able to offer anything unique and thus create a strong community. This update has piqued my curiousity and I'll be playing it tonight.

EDIT: I've played a few real matches now, I really like the game. I did not expect to, but it seems to offer some unique experiences from the other big moba's. Im really digging it.

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A little late chiming in here, but I am enjoying the changes. Something about the update has me playing some different characters than I had before. I have been playing with Sevarog trying to get used to him. I am glad the armor meta is gone, and I always wanted lifesteal to be a worthwhile stat, which it seems to be now.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with some balance patches, and then some further passes with the art team. Right now things are a little plain looking. I also really love the jump pads for some reason.

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