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Parappa the Rappa

Wow, I'll never forget the time that Parappa, our little beanie wearing dog rapper dude friend, made his way to the US. Parappa had a lot to offer, like a good rhythm based game suitable for all ages... and a level where Parappa has diarrhea and must rap battle with previous "rap masters" in order to determine who gets access to the toilet. This game is crazy, crazy good.

With memorable songs and Rodney Alan Greenblat's awesome artistic style, PaRappa the Rapper is a very fun game. It's also somewhat of a collectible now.

The Parappa game seems like it was made for children, but because of some of the suggestive themes in the games, it has become a success with the more hip game players. The difficulty is easy, you can hit the buttons on rhythm to match the lyrics to the music to score enough points to pass levels or you can simply hit all of the buttons in any order to the beat and get mixed results.

Anybody can play PaRappa the Rapper, but only some will truly appreciate the cute and strange atmosphere of the game and the gameplay may seem a bit dated compared to how sophisticated rhythm games are now. Nonetheless, PaRappa the Rapper is one of the coolest games ever made.


PS - I bought the Japanese PaRappa "MobbyPet" brand dolls and they rock. When you plug them into a cell phone you get ring tones that are voice clips from the game!

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