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    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released May 03, 2005

    Pariah is a first person shooter where players take control of a doctor called Jack Mason.

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    You play as Jack Mason, a doctor with nothing left to lose. When your transport ship is shot down during a prisoner transfer, you and your infected patient find themselves stranded deep within the vicious prison sectors of a wasteland called 'Earth'.


    Jack Mason

    Jack is a doctor for the Transgenic Control Commission. Through a series of demotions Jack's once brilliant career now has him doing routine transports of patients/prisoners for the numerous military-run prison complexes round the solar system.


    The subject of Jack's latest prisoner relocation assignment. mysteriously, her transfer orders lack the usual background information. All Jack knows is that she is reported to have a transgenic virus and his task is to transport her off Earth to a medical facility. She has been held in the infamous prison known as "The Anvil" for a number of years.


    The warden of the military prison known as "The Anvil". Jack reports directly to him during his mission.


    The pilot for Jack's medical transport.


    • Scavengers: A ragged group of people that live off the land by picking ruins and wreckage clean. they are flighty and cautious, attacking guerrilla style then quickly retreating to the safety of their environment.
    • Mercenaries: Prisoners who manage to escape usually join a mercenary clan. These clans roam Earth prowling for trouble and profiting from skirmishes, dirty deals, and rough trading. They frequently make use of abandoned buildings as strongholds.
    • Military Alliance Security: The MAS is the governing body of law and order, They're responsible for the seven large prisons facilities on Earth. They are well equipped, highly organized, clean, and brutal.


    • Bone Saw: The first weapon at your disposal and a very unique melee weapon.
    • Assualt Rifle: Nicknamed the "Bull Dog" simple but effective, accurate at short to medium range and can be upgraded which increases firepower and accuracy.
    • Grenade Launcher: Packs a hefty explosion into a fist sized projectile, can be upgraded to increase damage and blast radius.
    • Frag Rifle: Essentially the shotgun of the game very powerful over close range and less accurate the further away the target, can be upgraded to increase reload speed and damage.
    • Sniper Rifle: Self-explanatory, can be upgraded to increase ammo count and reload speed.
    • Rocket Launcher: Heavy-duty weapon anti-personnel & anti-vehicle, can be upgraded to increase amount of shots fired.
    • Plasma Rifle: An automatic plasma gun can be upgraded to do some plash damage
    • Medigun: A portable medical gun used to replenish Health, it can be upgraded to give us 2 rectangles of life and also to remove the inconvenience related to its' use like the blurred vision and the speed.
    • Laser Rifle: A weapon with infinite ammo and that does a high amount of damage


    • Bogie: Two man all terrain vehicle. The driver can shoot the mounted machine gun in front while the passenger can fire the the rocket launcher or machine gun in a full 360 degrees.
    • Wasp: One man three wheeled motorcycle look alike, fastest vehicle in the game, has a mounted machine gun which the driver can shoot straight in the direction that he is driving.
    • Dart: One man hover vehicle can run on land and water and has a mounted pulse cannons.
    • Dozer: Tank-like vehicles, slow but very powerful, can transport 4 people all firing their weapons and manning the pulse cannons


    • Crash Site
    • Forest
    • Reservoir
    • Escape From Reservoir
    • Hot Pursuit
    • Communication Tower
    • Generator Room
    • Cross Roads
    • Train
    • Path To Anvil
    • Anvil Courtyard
    • Inside The Anvil
    • Drop Ship
    • Desert Thunder
    • Rush To The Dam
    • Last Run
    • Stockton's Last Stand
    • Shroud Revealed

    Map Creation Tools

    Although the game was not highly acclaimed, it did include a Map Creator with the game (even on the Xbox version). This was something new to the console game industry as you could literally create a multiplayer map from nothing. Though it did not have tutorials and it's controls were clunky, it was very feature rich and allowed players to not only create interesting multiplayer spaces, but easily share them with friends and play them together.


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